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Harvard Beats Yale In Latest Round Of Elitist F*ckery

November 15th, 2011 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen

In the run-up to “The Game”–Harvard and Yale’s annual pre-Thanksgiving pretense at college football–Harvard students have produced this “Occupy Yale/We Are The 6%” shirt, the 6%, as Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor points out, referring to Harvard’s 2011 admission rate, the lowest of the Ivies and a whole 1.15% lower than Yale’s:

Jesus Fuck. This is actually too boring to be offensive. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you can’t have a school rivalry when your football has become so sub-par. Harvard, Yale (my alma mater)…does anyone really think there’s a difference? We’re all the same kind of asshole. (Except for the person who actually buys the Occupy Yale shirt. S/he is a MUCH bigger asshole.)

When measuring Ivy League dick, I much prefer this shirt, by men’s designer Mark McNairy:

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Another Yale Murder (Sort Of)

April 27th, 2010 | 5 comments | Posted by Jen

Yale, we have a problem.

Lishan Wang

For the second time in a year, the name “Yale” has been linked to the word “murder.” On Monday, Dr. Vajinder Toor, 34, a fellow at the Yale School of Medicine, originally of New Delhi, was shot and killed outside his home in nearby Branford by Dr. Lishan Wang, 44, originally of Beijing. Branford police were quick to say that the murder was not “in any way related to Yale,” but–too late–the crime is already being billed as another “Yale Murder.” The NY Times reports that Wang worked under Toor in New York previously and was fired after a confrontation with the man who would later be his victim. It also appears that Wang was targeting two other doctors he held responsible for his firing.

Ironically, Wang filed a lawsuit after he was fired claiming that he was “unfairly labeled excitable, emotional and unable to control his anger.”

[Yale Daily News: Postdoc killed outside Branford, Conn., home; suspect charged]
[NY Times: Doctor Is Charged With Murder of His Ex-Supervisor]
[Economic Times: Delhi doctor at Yale shot dead by Chinese colleague]

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Annie Le Murder Update: Raymond Clark Arrested, Charged With Murder

September 17th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Lab technician Raymond Clark was arrested and charged with murder this morning, for strangling grad student Annie Le in a case of what police are calling “workplace violence.” Clark was apprehended at the Super 8 Motel that he holed up in after being released yesterday, following a DNA test and police questioning. Clark’s DNA ultimately yielded a match with evidence collected from the crime scene, and there are currently no other suspects.

While it is a relief to see this investigation moving quickly and “smoothly,” it’s no doubt that the more we know, the worse we feel.

Thanks, Anthony

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Arr the Singre Ragies

March 27th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

When I was at Yale, Mixed Company had the reputation of being the “funny singing group.” You know, as opposed to the “hot singing group” (that would have been the Baker’s Dozen, or the “BD’s” for men, and Something Extra, aka “Sextra,” for women) or the “serious singing group” (Red Hot + Blue) or the “angry feminist group” (The New Blue, to which I belonged).

But that was a long-ass time ago, kiddies. And my-oh-my how things have changed, as evidenced by Mixed Company’s current YouTube parody of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”:

Does the world really need another “Single Ladies” spoof? Or, for that matter, more pedestrian rice jokes? Don’t get me wrong, we rove a good lice joke. And of coulse we rove it rong time. We just don’t rove these ones.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go make the rice and make it nice, and then shoot myself in the face for actually having to sit through that.

Thanks to all who sent this one in, you know who you are, damn you.

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February 23rd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Name: Ely Kim

Occupation: Yale MFA graduate student and dancer

Known for: The viral video “Boombox,” featuring Ely dancing to 100 songs in 100 locations over 100 days. It’s pure joie de vivre, set to some of your favorite pop and indie tunes. All we can say is we’re hooked. And we’d like to swap clothes and jewelry with him (Jen covets the gold lamé jacket he’s wearing at the 2:38 mark of the video), pull an all-nighter watching the Freaks and Geeks box set together, take him out to the Short Stop to go dancing, and make him our new BFF. Whaddya say, Ely?

Visit Ely Kim’s personal website, We Like Him, here.

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BABEWATCH: Michiko Kakutani

July 22nd, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Name: Michiko Kakutani

Hails from: New Haven, CT

Occupation: Hardass Asian Book Reviewer

Why She’s a Babe: Because the 53 year-old, Yale-educated NY Times critic is notoriously hard to please. And she’s not afraid to savage overly-hyped douchebag writers who are used to being fawned over. (A few years ago, the late Norman Mailer called her a “token” and a “one-woman kamikaze.”) Also, her look is so very trapped-in-the-80′s. And because Michiko is something like a literary dominatrix who enjoys beating the shit out of books–and sometimes that brings pain, but other times, pleasure.

Read Michiko’s latest reviews here. And bring band-aids.


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Oh Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning Burning

April 1st, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Diana and I both come from families of doctors, M.D.s in her case and Ph.D.s in mine, which probably explains why she knows how to dress a wound without flinching and I have a blackboard in my house. So of course we’ve dreamed of being addressed as “Dr.” like our fathers and sisters and having that kind of authority. The problem is, we like school, but not in that way. We really don’t want to put in that kind of time. And neither one of us has the fortitude for rotations or dissertations, so we’re left reconciling ourselves to lifelong inferiority complexes. Though I’m still holding out hope that somebody some day will confer an honorary doctorate to me just for bein’ me. I mean, Steven Tyler got TWO degrees that way, and his greatest achievement in life might be teaching the world to tie scarves onto their mic stands.

Perhaps disgraced South Korean curator and art history professor Shin Jeong-ah, 35, felt a similar pressure to be the ultimate authority when she faked her Yale doctorate to get a teaching post and embezzled museum funds, for which she was busted last year.

The Con Artist Formerly Known as “Dr.” Shin Jeaong-ah

The weirdest part of Shin’s story is that she survived the 1995 Sampoong department store collapse in Seoul that killed over 500 people. Much of the reporting on Shin is fixated on her being literally “buried” then and figuratively now. Obviously homegirl’s got some mental health issues (I hear my Dad’s voice saying, “Well, so did your aunt, and she still managed a Ph.D. in Chemistry“).

Shin was sentenced Monday to 18 months in jail, and the sad twist is, like med school or a Ph.D. program, that’s a mandated amount of time that she can’t fake her way out of.


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November 12th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Maya Lin

Occupation: Sculptor and artist

Known for: Reprznting for women at Yale by designing the campus’ Women’s Table, offering her artistic sense and architectural expertise to Washington State’s ongoing Confluence Project, and, most famously, designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C.

As we honored our past and present troops this weekend (which includes Diana’s cousin Victor–big upz), we thought a lot about her vision and contributions to our country. We’re so grateful to have her on our team.

Oh, and yes, we’re just trying to get your brain off of this image:

Ech. Is it next November yet?

Keep it real, Vic!

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October 1st, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Jessica Yu

Occupation: Film director, writer, producer, and editor

Known for: A variety of documentary, scripted film, and television credits (most recently, her much-acclaimed Asian sports comedy Ping Pong Playa), the super-combo of beauty and brains, reprzentin’ for Yale alumni, and the memorable poke she made during the Oscar acceptance speech for her 1996 short film Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O’ Brien–”You know you’ve entered into new territory when you realize your dress costs more than your film.”

Source Source Source Source

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June 15th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

The Venice Biennale 52nd International Art Exhibition opened this week and runs until November. Yale-trained artist Hyung-koo Lee is reprezanting in the Korean pavilion of the show. His exhibit, “The Homo Species,” features fossils of cartoon characters (Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry) and an installation of surgical implements and devices like the ones used to distort Lee’s face in his self-portraits:
The Korea Times reports that Lee’s self-portraits were created, “(d)uring his study in the United States…in an attempt to overcome his inferiority complex as an Asian man.”

No need to have an inferiority complex, anymore, Hyung-koo Lee. Your art rules, and you’re adorable, too.

Click here to learn about Lee’s work.
Click here to learn about the Biennale.


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