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Kim Jong-Be-Illin’ Junior

November 27th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen
Dear Leader Junior

Kim Jong Il has tapped his number two son Kim Jong Chul to be the new vice chief of the ruling Korean Workers’ Party’s Organization and Guidance Department. Guess number one son is a royal fuckup. With the promotion, Junior will be working in the same office as his Pops and is now viewed as a possible successor one day to North Korea’s Dear Leader.

Which brings up a few questions:

1. Will Junior disarm North Korea?
2. Will Junior reunite the North and South?
3. Will Junior solve his country’s famine issues?

And, most importantly:

4. Will Junior be able to…rock his Pops’ infamous porn producer steez like no otha?

Hmm. Feel like something’s missing, although Junior’s bowl cut does scream “perv” to me.

Wait…I’ve got an idea…

Consider my last question answered.

Thank you Aaron!

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