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Even The Dry Cleaner Tried To Blame Yoko For Their Problems

October 28th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

Um, yeah, so…there’s really nothing that isn’t awesome about this letter John Lennon wrote to his laundry service in the 70′s:

Things that I reallyreally love about it:

  1. For once, the cleaners being yelled at aren’t Asian.
  2. The cleaners are being yelled at BY A BEATLE.
  3. Learning something new about Yoko, i.e. that she doesn’t sweat.
  4. The line “(MOST ORIENTALS DO NOT SWEAT LIKE US),” which I also interpret to mean “Most Orientals Do Not Smell Like Us,” which is true (read this if you don’t believe me).
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Leave Yoko Alono

April 25th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

As I’ve said before, I have a soft spot for Yoko Ono. I really can’t explain why. Part of it is reflexive–because she’s historically painted as a woman getting in the way of men’s genius, I kinda can’t help but root for her. Also, does anyone really still care if she broke up the Beatles? A) It was probably was a little more complicated than that. B) So fuckin’ what? It happened forty years ago. C) Has anyone listened to the entire Beatles catalog lately? It’s pretty complete. What? You wanted a disco record, too?

Sure, girlfriend is fiercely protective of John’s estate, but she was married to A. BEATLE. That’s how Beatles do. Should Yoko be handing out that shit for free? How is it shocking that she might be motivated by profit? What rock stars aren’t (if you’re thinking Radiohead, think again)? The difference is, she married one, he’s dead, and people are pissed because they don’t like the idea of a woman holding the strings to a very large money-purse. Then it’s either, how dare she license his image/work for this? Or how dare she withhold his image/work for that? Either way, she’s made into this venal, money- and pleasure-hording harpy. Yawn, I’m bored.

The latest news on Yoko only stirred up more of the same. “Imagine” was used recently in Expelled, a documentary disputing evolution. So everyone jumped at the chance to vilify Yoko once again as a money-grubbing sellout to creationist idiots until they realized that, oops, she didn’t actually license the song.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for cracking on Yoko. She, like Bai and Kimora, is endless fodder. Her bizarre millinery choices alone are enough to keep DISGRASIAN going. And just because I feel for her, doesn’t mean I’m not creeped out by, say, her making John into an action figure. But we gotta find something new to say about her. That other shit is so played.


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