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Dancing Dogs Are Here Again As The Potato Snacks Flow

March 23rd, 2010 | 5 comments | Posted by Diana

Am I the only one that’s totally in love with this commercial?

Maybe it’s because I’m a lifelong Calbee chip whore, am a freak for dancing dogs, and believe that true artistry requires no explanation. But while peeps on YouTube call this spot “creepy” and “disturbing” and the vast majority of folks on Buzzfeed are left wondering “WTF,” all I can think is: “HOW CAN I GET THIS BIG, PERVY DOG TO DANCE WITH TWO PLATES AS PROPS AT MY NEXT BIRTHDAY?”

That, and “I’m hungry.”

Seriously… it can’t possibly be just me.

[via Dlisted]
[Buzzfeed: Japan Outdoes Itself (Again)]
[YouTube: WTF Japan]

Thanks, Michael!

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Lindsay, Hath Ye No Shame Left?

March 20th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

There’s a reason why most American actors and actresses, who typically act for film and television, only shoot commercial adverts for countries like Japan. Sure, the endorsements pay very well, but, let’s face it, commercials are a bit of a downgrade, and downgrading too much in your own market is eventually something an actor feels ashamed of.

Well, some people.

Some people have already shat themselves so many times in the American public eye–been chastised by film producers and kicked off of TV series and photographed looking like they were peeled off of a ceiling–that they have very little to lose. So they start doing American advertisements peddling, y’know, self-tanner, or leggings, or tacky and garish clothing lines:

Actually, watching this commercial again, I’ve decided that even Lindsay Lohan should be ashamed of this final product. That’s right. Even Lindsay Lohan.

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Soy Sauce Is a Love Potion

March 12th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Pssst. Guys. I’ve recently discovered the secret recipe for love and wanted to share it with you:

  1. Go to the grocery store.
  2. Go directly to the Condiments aisle (or the Asian Foods aisle).
  3. Peruse the soy sauce offerings thoughtfully.
  4. Stay there until an acquaintance approaches who also peruses the soy sauce offerings thoughtfully (if someone you faintly know never approaches you in this grocery aisle, feel free to post this instruction on Craigslist under “Casual Encounters” and see how you fare).
  5. Wave to the acquaintance awkwardly, as though there is a bulletproof plexiglass divider–like the kind you see in prison visitation areas on television–separating the two of you. Have your mouth hanging open like an idiot.
  6. Invite the acquaintance, your new friend, back to your home for supper.
  7. Whatever you cook that night, put copious amounts of soy sauce in it. And don’t forget to make onion rings, because who doesn’t love onion rings?
  8. Dip your onion ring in your soy sauce creation.
  9. Feed an onion ring dipped in your soy sauce creation to your new friend.
  10. Continue making onion rings for the next twenty years of your life.
  11. Continue feeding onion rings to your new-now-old friend, mostly out of pity, because he got a horrible dye job at the salon that doesn’t match his eyebrows and there’s something about him that resembles a wax figure.
  12. Let him play with your hair even though it bugs the shit out of you and musses it up because he cooks for you in exchange.
  13. Make that funny-looking bitch cook with soy sauce for you for the rest of time.

[via Serious Eats]

Thanks, Thomas!

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