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Citigroup Puts the "Bank" in Bankrupt

March 19th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Bloomberg reported Thursday that Citigroup Inc.–which has been given $45 billion in bailout money so far–is planning a $10 million renovation of the Park Avenue offices of CEO Vikram Pandit (pictured) and other high-ranking execs. This is an incredible act of hubris given the public shaming Citigroup received in January when the company revealed plans to purchase a $50 million corporate jet, a decision the Obama administration ultimately pressured them out of.

Perhaps Shittigroup should redirect the $10 million they were going to spend on Sub-Zero fridges and other office upgrades to a better PR division. Or they could just all fire themselves and GO. AWAY.


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The Year of Living Desi-rously

March 5th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

2008 was all about China China China, but 2009 is shaping up to be South Asia’s year. Between the total Oscar dominasian of Slumdog, to the rise and FAIL of Indian-Americans in politics–Bobby Jindal FAIL, Sanjay Gupta FAIL, and Vivek Kundra, who was today named Federal Chief Information Officer, FTW–to M.I.A. popping out her mixtape-making baby right after her upstaging-turn at the Grammys, to the crazazy shit going down between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, to Citi CEO Vikram Pandit becoming the sad face on the precipitous decline of Wall Street, to Freida Pinto becoming a fashion icon and Woody Allen’s muse, good and godawful, Desis are here like paneer, and you betta get used to it.

My favorite Desi success story so far, however, has got to be that of American Idol contestant, Anoop Desai. Anoop, aka “Anoop Dawg,” is the definition of dorklicious, an a cappella-singing group nerd –something our pal Angry Asian Man predicted in private conversation before it became a well-known fact–a normal dude who’s longer on goofy charisma than talent but was nevertheless brought back by the Idol judges to contend tonight for one of the 3 remaining wild-card spots on the show.

I really can’t explain Anoop’s appeal–although j’adore the fact that he wrote his college thesis on the importance of barbecue in the South–but, if the stars continue to align as they have, this guy’s a lock for the Top 12.


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