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Sashaysian, Shant-asian

February 11th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

I’ve gotta say, I was initially skeptical about ONGINA, the tiny, Asian contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race–a cutthroat competition in which sassy male bitches with chutzpah, saucy hips, and perfect Mac makeup betta work for the honor of, to put it lightly, the fiercest drag queen in America.

It’s just an aversion to most words I can think of ending in “–gina.” I don’t have vagina fear, I just can’t help but think about the ol’ vajayjay word when I’m talking about, say, Angina (sounds painful). Or walking past the truly unfortunately-named casual Italian joint in LA’s Little Tokyo, Pastagina (I mean, seriously? All I’m sayin’ is don’t order the seafood). So yeah, I judged ONGINA on the name. Not a fun name. Not an okay name.

But guys, ONGINA is so fierce that I can’t even bring myself to write her name without caps lock. No, she doesn’t tuck or wear wig, but she’s just got the littlest legs, brassiest style, and prettiest face. And even better, she’s nice! So very, very nice! So nice, in fact, that when she was empowered to become team leader for a group of four, she actually played like a good girl and shared the responsibilities evenly, forsaking micromanagement for even-handed delegation.

Which actually inserted a little doubt in my mind. What kind of Asian person enters a group activity without a mini-meltdown? Is it possible to be Asian and not lead with the phrase, “Just let me do it?” I didn’t think so.

But once I saw how Miss ONGINA delivered her team’s choreography lesson (three times the dance moves, half the time), my fears were assauged. Any bitch that pushes his girls that hard has got to be Asian!

So glad to know ONGINA is definitely one of us one of us one of us one of us. Here’s hoping one fabulous one of us wins!


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