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No, Canada: Our Neighbor To The North Gets Its Own ‘Jersey Shore’

November 9th, 2010 | 6 comments | Posted by Jen

Canada, you’re supposed to be a refuge from the ugly shit that makes Americans, well, Americans, and, perhaps more importantly, not you.

You know, shit like unaffordable heath care and violent crime? (Although, to be fair, you did inflict Celine Dion upon the world, the violentest of violent crimes if there ever was one.)

But Celine Dion aside, your record of being morally superior to us Americans–while possessing considerably less swag, no offense–has remained relatively untarnished over the years…until now.

Meet the cast of Canada’s Lake Shore, i.e. The True Story of Eight Strangers–aka “The Turk,” “The Italian,” “The Jew,” “The Czech,” “The Pole,” “The Albanian,” “The Lebanese,” and “The Vietnamese”–Picked to Live in a House Together and Have Their Lives Taped in Order to Forever Disabuse You of the Idea that Canada Is the More Tolerant Society You’ll Escape to When the Tea Party Takes Over and Sarah Palin’s Elected President in 2012:

Sore-y to say, Canada, but your answer to Jersey Shore not only makes you not us, it makes you look much, much worse.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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Daniel Henney Goes Outback Doesn’t Look Like Any Reality Show We’ve Ever Seen [PHOTOS]

April 8th, 2010 | 6 comments | Posted by Diana

In the years since leaving my old development job at a reality television company by saying, “This genre just insults my brain and I can’t do it anymore,” I’ve become a bit of a reality junkie. Funny.

I still don’t watch Survivor or Amazing Race or anything like that, but I never miss an episode of Celebrity Rehab/Sex Rehab/Sober House/Celebrity Addiction Show Rehab* with Dr. Drew. I cry during reruns of Say Yes To The Dress. I actually threw something at the TV in protest of the injustice displayed in the latest Tool Academy graduation ceremony.  I flipped my lid when I met Tim Gunn. I entered a contest to appear on Man Vs. Wild. I’ve watched every Kitchen Nightmares episode–both the awesome British and wacked-out American versions–three times over.

Total junkie!!!

Most reality show talent (not Tim Gunn, for crying out loud, but the sub-average Joes and Janes willing to sacrifice dignity and privacy for a toxic 15 minutes of fame) are hard to look at. It’s trainwrecks doing tequila shots with even ickier trainwrecks, or former teen idols past their prime, or narcissistic celebrities trying to revamp their image–y’know, the intolerable rep cultivated on another reality show.

So when I read on Figgy and Fatty that Daniel Henney was starring in his own reality show for Korean TV, I gasped a worried gasp.  Had he sold himself short? Is the beautiful and nummy Daniel Henney a trainwreck??

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