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DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Thought You And “Ask The Asian Dude” Could Wiggle Out Of This One, TMZ?

April 1st, 2011 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

TMZ Managing Editor, Harvey Levin

TMZ, which operates under the auspices of AOL News, definitely serves a purpose. In life, there’s always somebody that has to reside in the murkiest layer–the person that denies insurance benefits to cancer patients, the defense attorney that attacks victims in order to save her guilty defendant, the jerk that has to tell little kids that there is no Santa Claus. TMZ is like that person. The supergossip team’s shamelessness allows them to dig deep into the wounds of Hollywood to tell us who’s crazy, who’s dead, who has anal sex with prostitutes instead of their wife, who’s suing their ex, who’s blown all of their money on 8 balls. Without them, we wouldn’t know such things, at least not so quickly and with no tactful filter. It’s questionable whether or not we’d ever want to, but that’s not the point. Bottom line, as I said before: TMZ has a purpose, I guess.

Yesterday, the site posted a segment featuring an on-the-fly “interview” with Sung Kang, one of Jen’s many hot boyfriends and familiar sexyface from the Fast & Furious franchise (You can see him alive again in the upcoming sequel, Fast Five). See below:

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And Today’s Most Hyperbolic, Exploitative, And Just Plain Creepy Headline Award Goes To…

February 8th, 2011 | 3 comments | Posted by Jen


And never mind what her own mother thinks, let’s ask our esteemed TMZ readers what race baby Nahla is:

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Has Tila Met Her Crazian Match?

October 27th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

Photo of Garry Sun, "a lunatic" accusing Tila Tequila of kidnapping his girlfriend, from

We haven’t checked in on Tila Tequila in awhile, but she’s home again (in TMZ’s headlines)–this time, involved in a kidnapping plot that involves armed men, travel across state lines, wife-thieving, death threats and a restraining order.

Sounds like just an average day for Ms. Nguyen. But this time, she’s not the one making the crazy claims. Wait, WHAT?

Here’s the scoop: Miss Tila has been accused of kidnapping the girlfriend of Garry Sun, an LA photographer that was apparently fired some time ago from a job on her website (photo above).

From TMZ:

Photographer Garry Sun filed an application for a restraining order in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming on October 19, Tila and the armed men drove to the Texas house of his alleged girlfriend, Shyla Jennings, kidnapped her, somehow got Shyla on a plane and flew her to L.A.

Sun claims Tila then threatened Shyla … If anyone notified cops, she and Garry would be toast.

Tila’s rep says the claims are “patently absurd” (she also responded to the allegations in a blog post entitled, “GARRY SUN IS A CRAZY, DELUSIONAL EX-EMPLOYEE WHO HAD A DANGEROUS FATAL ATTRACTION TOWARDS ME!“) but we hate to say… absurdity is kind of the woman’s forte. Dare we follow this story to see who the real crazian is? We’re scared, no matter who’s telling the truth lying less.

[TMZ: Photog Claims Tila Tequila Kidnapped His Girlfriend]

Source Source

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TMZzZzZzZzz: Celebrity “Journalism” Sinks To New Lows, Mocks Poverty

October 5th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

Comedienne Charlyne Yi recently got involved in promoting anti-poverty relief organization Oxfam. She was approached by TMZ to film her efforts for the non-profit and reluctantly agreed, because she wanted to spread the word to a wider audience.

Here’s what TMZ cut together and aired on TV:

I love celebrity tabloid journalism as much as the next person–okay, okay, more than the next person–because it’s fun to see celebrities called on their bullshit, but Charlyne isn’t a celebrity in that way–I mean, have you seen her YouTube channel?–and poverty isn’t some celebrity trend like a food cleanse or vajazzling.

Also: “Did Pinkberry run out of green tea flavor”? Really? It’s not enough to mock poor, starving people, you gotta add on a hack racist zinger, too?

[Charlyne Yi on Tumblr: 1) Compromising my beliefs: TMZ is the Devil]

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Finger Lickin’ Awkward

January 6th, 2010 | 12 comments | Posted by Diana

KFC created the ad below for its Australia market. The spot features a white dude getting himself out of an “awkward situation” at a cricket match by offering the black folks around him his bucket of fried chicken.

TMZ included a KFC rep’s remarks to a local paper when posting the video today, which were:

“It is a light-hearted reference to the West Indian cricket team … The ad was reproduced online in the US without KFC’s permission, where we are told a culturally-based stereotype exists, leading to the incorrect assertion of racism.”

Kentucky Fried Chicken–a company born in the dirty South of the United States and currently housed in the Kentucky-based corporation Yum! Brands, Inc.–needs to be told that a culturally-based stereotype exists? Are you fucking kidding me?

See, y’all, this is why I eat Korean fried chicken once a week. Sometimes twice.

[TMZ: KFC Ad -- Ok For Australia, Racist For US?]

Thanks, Jen!!!

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Tiger Woods Wants You To Step Off. Will You?

November 30th, 2009 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

Tiger Woods’s domestic fiasco is undoubtedly the most exciting squabble of the holiday season so far! For those who missed it, the haiku wrap up is:

He maybe cheated
Elin his wife was so mad
Car crash and scandal

But if you need more details, TMZ has predictably posted the full play-by-play. They will continue to uncover every ugly detail, we’re sure!

Tiger and Elin: Privacy, Please

Tiger and Elin: Privacy, Please

Tiger released a statement on his website, kindly asking for the privacy “he deserves” while staying mum:

“As you all know, I had a single-car accident earlier this week, and sustained some injuries. I have some cuts, bruising and right now I’m pretty sore.

This situation is my fault, and it’s obviously embarrassing to my family and me. I’m human and I’m not perfect. I will certainly make sure this doesn’t happen again.

This is a private matter and I want to keep it that way. Although I understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible.

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You Can Start Acting Like a Winner Now, Victor Jih

May 14th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Amazing Race–or Amazian Race, as I like to now call it–winner Victor Jih enjoyed his first spoils of fame this week by getting stalked by TMZ. Outside one of L.A.’s most notorious temples to sushi- and human-mediocrity, Koi.

Christ, Victor. First Mitt Romney, now Koi? What is it with your love of loser establishments? You really won me over with your impressive command of Mandarin in the last few legs of the race, but really. Buy yourself some taste with your half of the million dollars, for fuck’s sake!

[TMZ: 'Amazing Race' Winner Spends It Like He's Got It]

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DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Miley "Chink-Eye" Cyrus

February 13th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

On February 2, when Miley Cyrus’s lovable gestures first caught our collective chink-eye, we assumed the incident would go down simply: we’d bitch about her massive racist error on our blog, lots of other peeps would do the same thing, Disney would then shit their pants, the little starlet would put her tail between her legs, and ultimately, an effusive apology decorated with heart and star stickers would soon be unleashed upon the PR wire. Something like, “Miley is so sorry to the Asians. Please Asians, forgive us, and continue to spend all of your amazing money on our prefab Disney drivel.”

All we really expected from Miley Cyrus and her owner, Disney, was a perfunctory, predictable apology. Instead, we ended up with two bullshit, quasi-sorry blog statements.

Now that it’s clear Miley isn’t going to make any effort to make things right, one woman has got her own message for Miley Cyrus, and is saying it in legalese:

Angeleno Lucie Kim has filed a $4 billion lawsuit–basically entitling each of the 1 million Asian Pacific Islanders in L.A. County to the minimum amount, $4,000, of a civil case–against Cyrus, to make her pay for the suffering she’s caused us all.

At first we thought this legal stunt was absurd, if not detrimental to the cause. But then we realized it teaches us all two very important lessons:

  2. We goofy-faces can be $4,000 richer off of someone else’s ignorance and stupidity. WOO-FUCKING-HOO!!!

Source Source Source Source Source
Thanks, Jasmine, Tuyen, and Chris!

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October 10th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

TMZ just discovered that Joe Son, the actor who played Dr. Evil’s henchman Random Task in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, has been linked to an unsolved, violent, Christmas Eve gang rape of an Orange County woman in 1990. Son is being charged with five felony counts of rape, two felony counts of forcible sodomy, two felony counts of sodomy in concert by force, seven felony counts of forcible oral copulation, and one felony count of sexual penetration by foreign object by force.

According to TMZ, Son was connected to the crime after pleading guilty for a non-violent felony offense:

Son pleaded guilty back in May to felony vandalism. The plea required him to fork over a DNA sample. Investigators ran his sample and found Son’s DNA connected him to an unsolved gang rape back in 1990, where a woman was pistol-whipped, raped, threatened with death and eventually blindfolded and released naked.

These offenses are revolting. If Son is found guilty, we would like to ask that he kindly step down as a member of the Asian race. After all, he sounds like no son of ours.


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November 27th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

DISGRASIAN’s jury has reached a verdict on the case of Mistasian Identity committed by TMZ against poor Judge Ito and the attempted coverup that ensued:

And y’all pretty much reached a consensus.

Case closed!

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