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BABEWATCH: Molly Kawahata

August 26th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Molly Kawahata

Age: 18

Hails from: Palo Alto, CA

Occupation: Student

Why She’s A Babe: Sure, she’s amazian–an incoming freshman at UC Berkeley and, at the age of 18, currently the youngest elected delegate at the DNC (even though “politics doesn’t run in [her] family”)–but she’s also a stunning sweetface. With that pretty skin and cherubic smile, she’s almost too pretty for politics!

…But hey, in such an ugly business, it’s nice to see a little beauty every once in awhile.


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Gaysian and "Sweetie" Go Together Like Ramma Lamma Lamma Ka Dinga Da Dinga Dong

December 3rd, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Page Six reported yesterday that Hank Azaria, who does multiple voices for The Simpsons, went on an internet talk show recently and claimed that The Simpsons no longer employs George Takei to do voiceovers because “he ‘creeped out the staff’ and kept calling one of the interns ‘sweetie.’”

GEORGE: Hey sweetie!

HAYDEN: OMG. I am so uncomfortable right now.

GEORGE: What’s wrong, sweetie?

HAYDEN: It’s like creepy-crawlies are under my skin.

GEORGE: Oh, sweetie, you poor thing.

Is George Takei creepy? Hmm…I feel like we’re not getting the full story here from Page Six (imagine that). But about George calling one of the interns “sweetie,” isn’t that, for a gaysian, like, um…what am I trying to, um, say here…um…oh right!

Isn’t that like me saying, “um”?


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