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Yo, Is This Racist? Podcast f/t DISGRASIAN Day 2: Workplace Segregation + A Little History Lesson

April 23rd, 2013 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

7th grade was the year parents started dropping us kids off at the mall for hours at a time with some money and a “don’t get kidnapped” warning because they needed us to be loud, annoying, and hormonal somewhere out of the house. I remember being at the movies one time with my girl posse, and I was running it before the start of the movie, and in a fit of swagger I exclaimed, “I need a microphoooone!!!!!

To which the older lady sitting behind me said–and by older, I mean from a 12 year-old’s perspective, so, like, 20 or so– “No, you don’t.”

Which shut me up right quick. Because I was taught to respect my elders.

But now I am an elder and I have the mic, bishes!!! All week long, courtesy of my pal Andrew Ti, of Yo, Is This Racist? and Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole? fame.

Today Andrew and I talk on his podcast about workplace segregation, with a little detour back through the 19th century. Have a listen!

office space

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Yo, Is This Racist? Podcast f/t DISGRASIAN Day 1: Natural Hair

April 22nd, 2013 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen


This week, I’m joining the insanely smart/cute/funny/multi-talented/marriageable Andrew Ti of Yo, Is This Racist? and Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole? on his Yo, Is This Racist? podcast!

I was trying to give Andrew bunny ears, but I ended up throwing an Asian peace sign instead. WTF

I was trying to give Andrew bunny ears, but I ended up throwing an Asian peace sign instead. WTF

Today’s topic? Natural hair. Inappropriate touching of strangers. Bad Asian drivers.

Oh, and…things that are racist.

Thanks for listening, I’ll be here all week long. Try the veal!

[Yo, Is This Racist? podcast]

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Penn State Sorority Girls Will Work For Weed & Beer

December 5th, 2012 | 6 comments | Posted by Jen

Penn State. It’s not just one of the nation’s top 10 party schools and child rapist safe havens, it’s also an institution that celebrates cultural diversity!

It was recently discovered on Facebook that the university’s Nu Gamma chapter of the Chi Omega sorority had a costume party a few months back where the sisters dressed up like “Mexicans.” Giant sombrero, serape-wearing, mustachioed “Mexicans”–see: Frito Bandito–who’d mow your lawn for “WEED + BEER.” Because apparently this is a “thing” with sororities. And because there’s really no way to get black-out drunk on tequila without dressing up like a jackass. And because nothing says “party” quite like “viva racism”!

And am I really seeing two(?) Asian chicks in this photo? They’re smiling here but they should be worried. An “Asian-themed” party–replete with geishas, rice-paddy hats, Fu Manchu-mustaches, ninjas, samurai, people in pajamas and slanty-eyed eyeliner, and dudes randomly shouting “Love You Long Time” and “Suckee Fuckee” at you all night long–could very well be next year’s “thing.”

[Complex: Penn State Sorority Holds Mexican-Themed Party, Regrets It]

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The University Of Texas At Austin Has Race Problems, But Affirmative Action Ain’t One

October 11th, 2012 | 3 comments | Posted by Jen

Two big stories involving the University of Texas at Austin emerged in the past week, and both of them center around race. The first is about a series of incidents that happened between June and September, in which black and Asian students at UT were “bleach-bombed,” i.e. hit with bleach-filled balloons, near campus. The attacks sparked a protest march last Tuesday, and both the campus and Austin police are currently investigating. The second is about a case that was brought before the Supreme Court Wednesday by Abigail Fisher, a 22 year-old recent graduate of LSU, who’s suing UT because she believes she was denied admission four years ago due to the school’s affirmative-action admissions policy, and because she is white.

Abigail Fisher, Reject

Texas state law requires its public colleges and universities to automatically admit Texas applicants if they’ve graduated in the top ten percent of their class, which Fisher did not. Roughly three-quarters of Texas applicants are admitted under this Top Ten program. In 2008, the year Fisher would have matriculated if she had been accepted, 81 percent of all incoming freshmen enrolled under it. The remaining in-state and out-of-state applicants who do not get in under this program are, according to the NY Times, “considered under standards that take account of academic achievement and other factors, including race and ethnicity.”

Fisher’s lawyers are arguing that the race-neutral Top Ten program at UT creates enough ethnic and racial diversity alone.  According to the AP, however, during a period in the 90′s when UT wasn’t practicing affirmative action, “diversity numbers plummeted.” The university is arguing that it needs to maintain its affirmative action program in order to achieve a “critical mass” of diversity. UT’s director of admissions, Dr. Kedra Ishop, told the Times that diversity “helps students overcome biases and make contributions to a diverse society,” adding, “The role of U.T. Austin is to provide leadership to the state.”

In comments following arguments Wednesday, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Antonin Scalia sounded skeptical of the university’s diversity goals. Roberts wondered Continue reading The University Of Texas At Austin Has Race Problems, But Affirmative Action Ain’t One

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Bagel Heads: “New Japanese Trend” Is Neither New Nor A Trend

October 2nd, 2012 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen

Last week the Internet was all abuzz about “Bagel Heads,” this supposedly “new” body modification trend in Japan where people inject saline under their skin so their heads look like they’re exploding with delicious breakfast bread product for about 24 hours, just add schmear.

‘Bagel Head’ Saline Forehead Injections: Japan’s Hot New Beauty Trend?, the Huffington Post wondered.

‘Bagel Heads’: Shocking New Trend in Japan, Yahoo! News warned.

And the Herald Sun got a little punny with their reporting, titling their story on the fad, Bagel heads: A hole new trend.

The only problem with this “new” trend is that it isn’t new at all. The story of Bagel Heads first went viral in 2009, when the UK’s Bizarre Mag reported on it. The first line of the Bizarre post was quick to state, “This extreme body modification isn’t new, but it’s growing in popularity.” Many blogs and media outlets picked up the story then–which is when we blogged about it–including the premiere underground trendwatching paper of its time, The New York Times. Two years later, in 2011, Vice interviewed Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, a photographer and journalist who’s been documenting the underground body modification scene in Japan for the last 20 years and who also happens to be the man who brought saline injections to the country. Maeda said in that interview that the bagel head thing had been going on “since 2007.” After that, still more blogs and media outlets picked up on the “new” (again) trend, with Neatorama declaring Continue reading Bagel Heads: “New Japanese Trend” Is Neither New Nor A Trend

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For Better Or Worse, “K-Town” The Reality Show Is Finally Here

July 11th, 2012 | 4 comments | Posted by Jen

After two years of hype surrounding every aspect of the so-called “Asian Jersey Shore,” K-Town premiered today on YouTube. The reality show was so thoroughly dissected before it ever saw the light of day–Is this good or bad for Asians? Does it promote or break down stereotypes? Is this something to be ashamed of or to celebrate?–the 12-minute pilot is, inevitably, something of a letdown. It’s not quite the trainwreck it was originally touted to be, and without something to really rubberneck in the pilot, the whole thing feels a little bland, actually. The guys and girls kind of blend one into another, a cheesy, homogeneous mix of muscles and eyelash extensions. The teaser for the rest of the season doesn’t give you much to hang onto either: They drink, party, have a few fakish conflicts, rinse and repeat.

Let’s hope the next ep has more to gawk at, or, at least, offers clearer stakes–how very fuddy-duddy of me to want them, I know–because a show like this that once promised to be new and “groundbreaking” could get really old, fast.

[YouTube: K-Town Episode 1]
[The Leaked K-Town Sizzle Reel: Mystery Revealed]

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People Of Color Finally Appear On GIRLS And It’s The Same Ol’ Fucking Story

May 8th, 2012 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

After all the talk about the Small White World in which the GIRLS of HBO’s new comedy live, it was revealed Sunday in episode 4, “Hannah’s Diary,” that there are actually people of color living in that pale version of the City. And they come out of the woodwork, all at once, like…a herd of zombies!

There’s Hannah’s Puerto Rican coworker (played by Selenis Leyva) at her new temp job who 1) wears large nameplate earrings to the office, 2) tells Hannah she’ll “get used to” being sexually harassed by their boss Rich, 3) doesn’t see the point in speaking up about the sexual harassment–particularly because their boss buys them gifts–and 4) says “sassy” things like “That’s a hella different. A hella different,” in case we didn’t process ALL THE OBVIOUS SIGNS that she is, um, a hella different from Hannah.

Then there are the nannies Jessa, a newly-minted childcare worker, tries to “organize” on Continue reading People Of Color Finally Appear On GIRLS And It’s The Same Ol’ Fucking Story

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New Study Shows Black Women Confront Racists, While Asian Women Just Feed Them Nasty Jellybeans

April 16th, 2012 | 7 comments | Posted by Jen

New research is out showing African American and Asian American women react differently to racists. Basically, black women are more likely to confront racists directly, while Asian women are more likely to poison them with disgusting-flavored jellybeans. Or something like that. Here’s a summary of the research, as described in The Atlantic:

PROBLEM: Previous studies have demonstrated variations in the way people of distinct cultures communicate and manage conflict. Do their reactions to racial slurs differ as well?

METHODOLOGY: Researchers Elizabeth Lee and José Soto asked Asian and black American women to talk to another person online using an instant messenger. The conversation partner was a research assistant trained to make either a racist comment, such as “Dating [blacks/Asians] is for tools who let [blacks/Asians] control them” or a rude comment unrelated to race. The subjects then took part in a supposedly unrelated taste test, for which they chose a jellybean for their conversation partner. The jellybean flavors available ranged from delicious (e.g. cherry, lemon) to “bad-tasting” (e.g. earwax, dirt).

RESULTS: The African-American participants were more likely to directly respond to their racist partners than the Asian-American women, who preferred to retaliate in secret by not giving the good jellybeans.

The results of that study (full PDF here) sound pretty stereotype-y to me, and one Continue reading New Study Shows Black Women Confront Racists, While Asian Women Just Feed Them Nasty Jellybeans

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K-Town Reality Show Promotes New Stereotype Of Asian Men

July 28th, 2010 | 21 comments | Posted by Jen

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the K-Town Reality Show–aka “The Asian Jersey Shore”–will break down or reinforce stereotypes of Asians (check out this comment thread over at channel APA, for example).

But no one’s talking about how the show might create new stereotypes. Like, the stereotype that…

Continue reading K-Town Reality Show Promotes New Stereotype Of Asian Men

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Good News For Asian Drivers Everywhere (Almost)

June 3rd, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Jen

Good news for Asian drivers: We aren’t the worst!

Everything in this pic is a joke, except for the tees (available here)

According to a new survey, New Yorkers are.*

*New York Asian drivers…you’re SOL. If it makes you feel better, we Californiasians aren’t far behind you. But let’s focus on the positive, work together, rebrand the hell outta this phenomenon, and make Bad New York Drivers the new meme, K?

[HuffPo: New Yorkers Named Worst Drivers In The Country; Kansas Has The Best]

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January 14th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

Happy birthday to William Hung, who turned 27 this week!

Hung like a... Shetland pony?

Though he hasn’t produced a record in years, Hung has somehow hung (ahem) out prominently in our minds–like sticky rice on the back of a wooden spoon–until present. Most Hung-related memories make us want to drag him out from his hole just to slap him silly, just because he so famously embodied for millenials every marshmallow-faced, Engrish-speaking, penis-shrinking stereotype we (like our hero, Bruce Lee) have ever tried to kick to the curb.

So here’s hoping now that Hung’s a little bit older, he’s also a bit wiser (and for all of you quick-draw commenters, I know he’s plenty book smart, but we’re talking wisdom here). Maybe he’ll find a way to channel all of that “attitude and charisma” into something wonderful, like medical school or law school (kidding)! Listen, we’re stoked as long as he’s not making us all look like clowns. Anymore.

[William Hung - Official Site]
[YouTube: William Hung American Idol Audition (VIDEO)]


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We Get It Already, Blasians Can’t Drive Escalades

December 2nd, 2009 | 8 comments | Posted by Diana

As Gawker aptly pointed out yesterday, nearly every hack comedian in America managed a take on this setup: “Blasian Tiger Woods crashes his Escalade.”


There are many versions, but the joke goes something like this:

Tiger Woods crashed his Escalade yesterday!
Well you know, he’s Black and Asian [pause for yuks].
And of course… the Black part of him bought the Cadillac [insert ghetto grin] and the Asian part of him was driving [insert buck teef]!

Click here for the sampler flight of punchlines.

Surprisingly, though, not one comedian seemed to find a way to make the “joke” funny. ZzZZZzzZzzZZZzZzzzzzZzzzz.

[via Gawker]

Thanks, Jasmine and Colin!

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