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Group Sex Trending In China?

June 9th, 2010 | 6 comments | Posted by Jen

A 17 year-old female high school student in Dongguan, China has been charged with “group licentiousness” for organizing and participating in “group sex parties.” The girl, who the Chinese media’s calling by the alias, “Li Jie,” was busted after an eight minute-video of her having sex with several male students surfaced on the internet in March. She was also asked to leave her school when school officials became aware of the video.

I love the way China Daily, the state-run newspaper, is reporting on this story of quote-unquote sexually deviant behavior, focusing entirely on the girl. The English-language title of the article is “Girl put on trial for group sex parties,” but it might as well read, “Slutty Slut McSlutterson put on trial for being a Slutty Slut Mcslutterson.” I mean, what about the dudes she had sex with? Why aren’t they getting the Scarlet Letter-treatment? Because, according to another source, those men were also charged with the same thing and tried. Was “Boys put on trial for gangbang” not sensational enough of a headline? Or did the government only want to scare all those would-be teenage girl sluts straight?

China seems to be having a run on group sex lately. You may recall from a few weeks back that Ma Yaohai, 53, a computer science professor, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for organizing and participating in at least 18 orgies, mostly involving married swingers. On the surface, the conviction of Ma, a middle-aged man, and the trial of Li, a teenage girl, may have little in common, but what they both tell me is that group sex, orgies, gangbangs–whatever you want to call them–are happening, and they’re gonna keep happening, no matter who the Chinese authorities or papers are casting in the role of the perv.

[China Daily: Slutty Slut McSlutterson put on trial for being a Slutty Slut Mcslutterson]

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Sex And The City 2: Shameful Or Spectacular?

June 1st, 2010 | 7 comments | Posted by Diana

Look, guys! It’s a photo from the Tokyo premiere of Sex and the City 2!

Oh YOU. Don’t hate. (HA! Look who’s talking!)

I’m going to say this once even though I know that many of you won’t believe me, many more will scoff, and even more will ridicule me for it:


I saw it last Thursday, fully convinced it was going to be a stinker–likely for the same reasons as you: Your best friend walked out of the theater grousing about what a drop-kick to feminism this flick is (by the way, should we really be looking to movies that contain bedazzled logos for feminist benchmarks?). The 16% Rotten Tomatoes rating is simply… pathetic. The “I Am Woman” karaoke scene is worse than it sounds (in fact, every musical number is worth a cringe). Someone told you about the burqa escape scene (sadly, true) and multiple appearances/mentions of camels/magic carpets (also true).

Or you saw the first movie, which was downright abysmal.

But by golly, I’ll stand behind my statement. SATC2 is fun, familiar, and a worthwhile way to spend a few evening hours, especially for a die-hard fan that’s willing to watch the PG-macheted, syndicated reruns on TBS every night while ordering dinner (or owns an SJP fragrance). That, my friends, is who I am. Jen is like, my full-on bestie, and even she has only just begun to understand the extend of my SATC nerd-dom. I’m like a Trekkie, but for Sex (or as Jen’s best mate calls us, “sluts!”)

So if you are like me, you love the HBO series unconditionally–despite Miranda Continue reading Sex And The City 2: Shameful Or Spectacular?

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Hate Your Hardass Parents? Auction Off Your Virginity On Reality TV

May 13th, 2010 | 3 comments | Posted by Diana

Even after I give birth to my first child, I’m pretty sure I’m going to tell my mom and dad that I’m a virgin. It’s like, my duty as the fourth child of two Hardass Asian Parents (who, as far as I know, are also virgins). It’s how we roll, yo. We’re expected to avoid dating but marry someone rich and virile, have babies without ever making sweet monkey love, and teach our kids to do the same.

So the first thing I thought when I read on HuffPo that an Aussie producer put together a cast willing to auction off their virginities to the highest bidder for a reality TV show was: I’ll be damned if there’s an Asian-Australian on that show!!! Hardass Asian Parents would go ape shit.

Apparently, all of the parents are pretty unhappy about the show’s concept.

Continue reading Hate Your Hardass Parents? Auction Off Your Virginity On Reality TV

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