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Sarah Palin Gets Shorty

November 18th, 2009 | 9 comments | Posted by Diana

Sarah Palin is hopping mad about the image of her that Newsweek used for their recent cover, stating that the photo (originally taken for a profile in Runner’s World) taken out of context is “sexist.”

Texting and running--someone should ticket for that

Texting and running--someone should ticket for that

Sexist? Or just stupid? In my humble opinion: after the age of 22, taking any public photo in shorts is downright irresponsible. I don’t care who the hell you are, what job you’ve got, how great your gams are, how fast you are on a Blackberry, or how many times you wink at me. Not a good idea.

[HuffPo: Sarah Palin: Newsweek Cover Showing My Legs "Sexist" (PHOTOS)]

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Everybody Loathes A Winner

May 20th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

You have to love Kristi Yamaguchi, for being so freakin’ excellent every single week on Dancing With the Stars. So good, in fact, that she’s apparently bored the bejeezus out of everybody watching. Should she win? Totally. Will she win? Totally. So where’s the suspense? Just cut to next season on The Surreal Life –her with the chyron, “Former Dancing With the Stars Champion“–and let’s call it a day.

Yamaguchi reminds me of one of those kids that wins some award every year for having the highest GPA until the day they become valedictorian and everyone sleeps through their boring graduation ceremony speech. No thrills, just excellence.

But nobody ever tries to throw a sexist spin on the race for valedictorian. Today, I actually read this story head on

Good lord. When journalists get bored, they really get bored.


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