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University Of Texas Shooter Has Been Identified

September 28th, 2010 | 8 comments | Posted by Jen

How many of held your breath and prayed this morning that the University of Texas student who fired off rounds from an AK-47 before killing himself on campus wouldn’t turn out to be Asian?

The UT Tower, sight of the first school shooting in North America (according to Wikipedia), from which Charles Whitman killed 14 in 1966

Oh, right, all of you!

Still haunted by Virginia Tech as though it were yesterday–not to mention the Binghamton shooter and, more recently, the Discovery Channel hostage-taker–I think it’s safe to say that most of us would be happy to never see the words “Asian” and “shooter” next to each other again unless we’re talking about excellence achieved in the various shooting sports featured at the Olympic Games.

The UT shooter has since been identified as 19 year-old math major Colton Tooley, pictured below.

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"I Am Jiverly Wong Shooting the People"

April 8th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

A handwritten letter that Binghamton shooter Jiverly Wong sent to a Syracuse, NY news station before he killed 13 people was released yesterday, and the full text is below (click here to see the letter in its original form). In it, Wong writes that the cops made him do it, undercover cops who broke into his house, touched him while he was sleeping, and tried to bait him into a car wreck (32 times apparently). Cops who were, obviously, figments of Wong’s deluded, paranoid, insane imagination.

Date March 18 2009


I am Jiverly Wong Shooting the people.

The first I want to say sorry I know a little English. I hope you understand all of this. Of course you need to know why I shooting? Because undercover cop gave me a lot of ass during eighteen years I got seven years and eight month delivery to grocery in the California came back New York on the August 2007.

Let talk about when I live in California. Such as…cop used 24 hours the technique of ultramodern and camera for burn the chemical in my house. For switch the channel time…For adjust the fan. For made me unbreathable. For made me vomit. For connect the music into my ear.

Undercover cop usual coined some nasty was not true about me and spread a rumour to the receiver and some people know me conduce toward many people predudiced and selfish to me…cop made me lost my job…cop put me became poor.

Let talk about when I live at the 28 Baker St. 2nd Floor, Johnson City, New York 13790. It terrible when I live there such as…cop wait until midnight when I off the light and went to the bed. Cop unlock my door and came in take a sit in my room ((cop did it thirteen time on the year 1994 )) on the thirteen time had three time touch me when I sleeping. One time stolen 20 dollar in my wallet. One time used electric gun shoot at the behind my neck. (That time I did not know English)

Please continue second page thank you.

Page 2

From 1990 to 1995 New York undercover cop try to get a car accident with me. Such as when I driving on the highway and on the street undercover cop sunddenly brake the car stop immediately at the of front my car…cop did it 32 time like that during 1990 to 1995 but I never hit the car.

Many time from 1990 to 1997 at the day time…cop exploit unknow English and went to my house knock the door for harass and domineer. Of course during that time cop coined something was not true about me and spread a rumour nasty like the California cop.

From August 2007 until now cop gave me not to much ass only one time cop leave a massage in my voice mail and said (( come back your country )) after five minute I send a text massage to them I said I will call the police and they send it back to me they said they are the police.

Dear New Ten Now. Right now I still get unemploment benefit of the company Shop Vac Endicott. New York State Department of Labor was cheat and unpaid from December 1st 2008 to December 28th 2008 I already claim weekly benefit from that date.

Any way I can not accepted my poor life. Before I cut my poor life I must oneself get a judge job for make an impartial with undercover cop by at least two people with me go to return to the dust of earth.

Already impartial now..cop bring about this shooting. cop must responsible. And you have a nice day.

The AP pointed out that there have been eight shooting rampages since March 10 that have claimed 57 lives, and nearly all of the shooters, including Wong, had obtained their guns legally.

Now, I’ve got nothing against guns. I’ve shot off a few in my day (and am a pretty lousy shot). Most of my childhood friends’ parents had guns. Some of my childhood friends had guns that they first started using when they were in elementary school. My own parents have thought about getting one. I have a girlfriend who hunts. I have a self-described “gun nut” friend who has so many firearms in his collection that he hasn’t even disclosed how many he has to his girlfriend of six months for fear she’d think he’s some kind of wacko, and I would trust him with my life; in fact, he lives up the hill from me, and I always say that in the event of a disaster, I’m going straight to his house, because he’s a touch of a survivalist and the house is fortified like a bunker.

That said, is it really easier to regulate (and treat) mental illness and crazy people like Jiverly Wong than it is to more rigorously regulate gun sales? You gotta wonder.


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