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AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Allen Lim, Team Radioshack’s Scientific Experiment

July 19th, 2010 | 3 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Allen Lim, PhD

Age: 37

Hails from: Boulder, CO (via Los Angeles)

Occupation: Sports Physiologist, Team Radioshack’s Director of Sports Science

Known for: Living science. Though his boss and opus, Lance Armstrong, has been dealt more crashes than a test dummy in this Tour De France and is no longer a contender for an 8th yellow jersey, Team Radioshack Sports Director Allen Lim and his funky, futuristic scientific approach to cycling continue to become more high-profile (and, dare we say it, chic?) with each passing stage.

He is as well decorated with academic achievement as any Hardass Asian Parent could possibly ask for–a doctor, of course, with graduate and postgraduate degrees, and a penchant for buzzworthy leaps in sports technology. But Lim is no science robot; he does his thing with style and a smile. Known as a good-vibes, calming force, it’s no wonder that he was heavily pressed to leave Team Garmin last year and take his dream job with newly-formed Team Radioshack, quickly entered Armstrong’s inner circle, and somehow managed to look like a DJ when photographed with all of his nutty sports equipment (see above photo, from his official site). It’s been a long time since applied science has seemed so fun and necessary. And COOL.

Plus, Dr. Lim somehow makes energy food sound good. Don’t sushi rice cakes sound delicious, even without a speedsuit on?

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Oktoberfest Just Got Way More Awesome

October 28th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Do you know any drinking games? I don’t. I may have played Quarters once, but that’s the extent of my drinking game-knowledge. I owe this to the fact that I didn’t spend enough of my college years drinking. (I wasted those years in other ways that pissed my Hardass Asian Parents off, however, mostly by making horribly amateur B&W photographs, lithographs, and student films, and fancying myself an “artist” of the vaguest variety.)

Since college and drinking go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong, it’s only fitting that a group of Rice University students in Houston has found a way to make drinking beer…purposeful. “BiOWLogists” (Rice’s mascot is the fearsome owl) Taylor Stevenson, Peter Nguyen, Thomas Segall-Shapiro, David Ouyang, Selim Sheikh, Arielle Layman, Sarah Duke, Justin Judd, along with their advisers, recently invented “BioBeer,” a beer modified with resveratrol, the chemical found in wine that prevents cancer and heart disease. They’ve entered it into the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition (more fun than Comic-Con!), which takes place next weekend, an event the young scientists failed to place in last year.

“After last year’s contest, we were sitting around talking about what we’d do this year,” said junior Taylor Stevenson. “(Graduate student) Peter Nguyen made a joke about putting resveratrol into beer, but none of us took it seriously.”

While the students are still ironing out the kinks and have yet to brew the beer, once they do, I doubt they’ll have any trouble finding test subjects to see if BioBeer actually works. And that’s when I’ll be making up for lost time.

[via BuzzFeed]


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Welcome, Friends!!

December 17th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana reports that two new species of mammals have been discovered in the Foja mountains rainforest in eastern Papua province of Indonesia: a giant rat (see that cuddly otter-looking thing on the left) and a tiny possom (with that squinchy little possum fist on the right).

Papua has some of the world’s largest tracts of rainforest, but like elsewhere in Indonesia they are being ravaged by illegal logging. Scientists said last year that the Foja area was not under immediate threat, largely because it was so remote.

“It’s comforting to know that there is a place on Earth so isolated that it remains the absolute realm of wild nature,” said expedition leader Bruce Beehler. “We were pleased to see that this little piece of Eden remains as pristine and enchanting as it was when we first visited.”

Congratulasians to the Foja region for being so fucking remote that no one on the planet wants to rape and pillage its resources/build a condo complex there, so that we can, in the 21st century, meet cute new furry animals like those two weirdly-sized cuties above.


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