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ROCK OF ASIAN: Pumashock

October 7th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Our friend Joyce recently introduced us to the vocal stylings of her girl, Pumashock (aka Natalie White), and we’re becoming a bit obsessed.

Cuz here’s the thing. Ms. White has got a voice like butter, million-dollar smile, freaking gorgeous face, swimsuit model body, longstanding devotion to video games (photo above is an homage–can you place it?), deeeeeep affinity for Korean dramas and K-pop… and seems like an all-around, super fun, super nice chick. Are all of these sweet-ass qualities together in one pretty package a common find? Hell no. Is Pumashock, then basically DISGRASIAN’s wet dream? Oh, yes.

Witness, for instance, this near-perfect interpretation of the Wonder Girls “Nobody” (Like, WOW):

And if you think that accent is just a fluke, check out her synthed up interpretasian of Lee Hyori’s “U Go Girl” (Also, like, WOW):

There’s something about her silky, smooth delivery, cheeky winks, and sweet, inviting smile that is ever-so seductive and, well, surprisingly perfect. Sometimes, it’s damn nice to be shocked.

[YouTube: Pumashock's Channel]
[Pumashock on Twitter]
[Pixel Gamemusic - Official Site of Pumashock]

Thanks, Joyce!

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February 27th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Cavil at Rest singer/guitarist Ryan Hanh–that adorable, curly-mopped chap driving the white car you see above–was a military brat born in the UK, raised in Singapore, and dumped into the ‘burbs of Southern California. Because of his last name, I’d been convinced for time that his kinky ‘fro actually belied his blood heritage–and he was actually through-and-through Vietnamese, like me. I finally asked (he’s not). But, he maintains, he feels Asian. And I realized then that sometimes, that’s all that matters.

Cavil at Rest is your new favorite band. Look at all those dudes–from the top left, Matt, Taylor, Andy, Kelcey, and Ryan–so gosh-darn sweet-faced, so compact, so fashionably v-necked. Through their charged urban-hippie soul rock I pull references from MC5 to The Doobie Brothers to The Rolling Stones to The Potatomen to the southwestern guitarist that played at my friend Dan’s New Mexico wedding. That’s not a bad palette for a band from my coastal South Orange County homeland (which, as Jen will attest to, is a expensively ugly breeding ground for average tastes and mediocre spirits).

Lend an ear here. Enjoy.


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