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Penn State Sorority Girls Will Work For Weed & Beer

December 5th, 2012 | 6 comments | Posted by Jen

Penn State. It’s not just one of the nation’s top 10 party schools and child rapist safe havens, it’s also an institution that celebrates cultural diversity!

It was recently discovered on Facebook that the university’s Nu Gamma chapter of the Chi Omega sorority had a costume party a few months back where the sisters dressed up like “Mexicans.” Giant sombrero, serape-wearing, mustachioed “Mexicans”–see: Frito Bandito–who’d mow your lawn for “WEED + BEER.” Because apparently this is a “thing” with sororities. And because there’s really no way to get black-out drunk on tequila without dressing up like a jackass. And because nothing says “party” quite like “viva racism”!

And am I really seeing two(?) Asian chicks in this photo? They’re smiling here but they should be worried. An “Asian-themed” party–replete with geishas, rice-paddy hats, Fu Manchu-mustaches, ninjas, samurai, people in pajamas and slanty-eyed eyeliner, and dudes randomly shouting “Love You Long Time” and “Suckee Fuckee” at you all night long–could very well be next year’s “thing.”

[Complex: Penn State Sorority Holds Mexican-Themed Party, Regrets It]

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DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! 2 Broke Girls’ Creator Michael Patrick King

January 30th, 2012 | 10 comments | Posted by Jen

With “February sweeps” right around the corner–one of the “sweeps months” when networks pull out all the stops to juke ratings so that, based on those increased viewership numbers, they can set ad prices for the rest of the year–I wanted to talk about the recent dustup over CBS’ new hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls, which will resume airing new episodes next week.

Michael Patrick King and the 2 Broke Girls at the TCA Event

A few weeks ago at the Television Critics Association’s (TCA) Winter Press Tour, 2 Broke Girls‘ co-creator Michael Patrick King, who’s best known for his work on Sex and the City, became defensive over reporters’ questions concerning the broke-ass racial and ethnic stereotypes on the show.

If you haven’t seen the show, the stereotypes in question involve the show’s secondary characters who work at the same diner as the two broke girls. There’s Oleg, the pervy Ukrainian cook; Earl, the black, jive-talking cashier; and Han Lee, the diner owner, a Korean immigrant who speaks in heavily-accented Engrish and is frequently the butt of jokes because of his “foreign-ness.” Andrew Ti, the razor-sharp mind behind Yo, Is This Racist?, describes Han in a Grantland post as a “tiny, greedy, sexless man-child.” Most of the questions that appeared to anger King at the TCA event concerned the particularly offensive portrayal of Han Lee.

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