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New Girl Crush: Academy Award Winner Audrey Marrs

February 28th, 2011 | 4 comments | Posted by Jen

'Inside Job' director Charles Ferguson and producer Audrey Marrs

10 reasons to love Inside Job producer and Academy Award winner Audrey Marrs:

  1. The first documentary she ever produced, No End in Sight, was nominated for an Academy Award.
  2. The second documentary she ever produced, Inside Job, won an Academy Award last night.
  3. Before she was a documentary producer, she was an art curator.
  4. Before she was a curator, she was a riot grrrl who played in Mocket and later Continue reading New Girl Crush: Academy Award Winner Audrey Marrs

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ROCK OF ASIAN: The Predators

December 16th, 2009 | 5 comments | Posted by Diana

I’ll be honest. For about three weeks, when not busy playing Beatles Rock Band*, I’ve been dusting off old and also sorta-oldish punk albums, to give them a good spin–providing a soundtrack for the month’s chaos and all of my nervous holiday energy. 

“Punk” coming out of my speakers can mean a lot of things–sometimes the herky jerk of Bad Brains or Black Flag, sometimes a fun romp with the Ramones, Fugazi if I’m feeling fresh, Stooges if I’m not. And… okay. I’ve also been indulging my Orange County roots with bad 90′s power punk that will go unnamed to preserve my innocence.

What I’d not even thought to entertain, at least until this week, were all of the fun Japanese punk bands that I meant to fall in love with twenty years ago but didn’t because I was in elementary school without an Internet connection. Take, for example,  The Predators, who I’m listening to right now (via MySpace recommendation by Japanese alt-veterans, The Pillows).

Continue reading ROCK OF ASIAN: The Predators

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ROCK OF ASIAN: The King Khan & BBQ Show’s Invisible Girl

November 11th, 2009 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen

The King Khan & BBQ Show are two crazy cats from Montreal who make really catchy music that pays serious homage to 50′s and 60′s garage rock.


And that’s about as much as you can say to pin down Canadiasian King Khan (nee Arish Khan) and BBQ (aka Mark Sultan), who this month released Invisible Girl, their fifth album together.

You can hear the influence of early Washington-state punk bands like The Wailers and The Sonics, as well as Khan’s idol Chuck Berry, in Invisible Girl (which will be streaming for free until November 16 at, but King Khan and BBQ don’t like to get too literal about what they do. In this hilariously dada interview, they claim “sodomy, pizza, Roger Moore, sporks, dentistry, Don Knotts, tribal tattoos, tramp stamps not included, and hobo sexuality” as just a few of the driving forces behind their music.

Their live act, too, is legendary for being unlike any other, and lucky for you, The King Khan and BBQ Show will be touring North America through December.  Click here for tour dates.

Look next for a collaboration between GZA and Khan, who’s rumored to be writing songs for the Wu-Tang artist’s upcoming album.

[The King Khan & BBQ Show MySpace]

[ Invisible Girl]

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September 2nd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

You don’t often hear “indie rock” and “China” in the same sentence. Particularly indie rock out of Shanghai, which is better known for its punk scene. That’s where Hard Queen comes in.

Damen, Sheena, and Zero of Shanghai’s Hard Queen

Hard Queen is an upbeat, pop three-piece formed two years ago. They used to be Hard Candy, but changed their name–sitting around a Dairy Queen one day–when they realized that too many bands already had that handle. Their sound hearkens back to indie music in the 90′s, i.e. The Good Old Days, with its infectious keyboard licks, female vocals that swing quickly between bored and flirty, and lyrics–all in English–fixated on self-centered slackers, like in the chorus of “Loser”:

Loser, you’re a loser, you’re a big fat loser
Loser, you’re a loser, you were born a loser

Maybe there’s something universal about indie rock, whether it’s produced in Portland or Puxi–although I suspect in China, due to indie rock’s nascency, it’s still got teeth–an idea that’s explored in Up from the Underground, a 25-minute doc on Hard Queen released online this spring. Making music, making a living, making it, and how Hardass Asian Parents feel about their children becoming rock musicians are all touched on in the film:

Hard Queen’s debut EP, Holiday, is now available on iTunes.

[Hard Queen band website]
[via The Shanghaiist]

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October 8th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

As many of you know, Jen’s having a great week. Her Red Sox clinched the series over the Angels to make the semi-finals (or whatever you call them…? I have no idea what I’m talking about in baseball-speak)–and just one week ago, she was inches away from the grass watching them win the first game of that beautiful winning series.

I wasn’t with her that night. Instead, I was trucking my junk over to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, an oldie-but-goodie LA venue better known for punk rock shows in the 80s than shoegaze reunions, to see My Bloody Valentine. Many of the friends alongside me had had the wherewithal to see them sixteen years ago (before the period I would refer to as “Valentineless,” if it didn’t sound so lametarded) but having missed that opportunity, I had no idea what to expect besides… bliss.

If you can imagine bliss at a volume that goes to eleven (and then times eleven), ripples through the body like an audio tsunami, rushes through your eyes to make you weep without warning (I know this sounds like a mushroom trip, but it wasn’t), then my expectations were right on.

I’ve been floating on the high now for a week, and so happy to see that Eric over at Giant Robot had a similar reaction as well–blogging a review a week after the fact JUST LIKE ME.

I guess we’re not all Loveless, after all.

Thanks, Cate!

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R.I.P. Hilly Kristal and CBGB

August 29th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

We are saddened to hear that Honorasian Hilly Krystal, punk-rock legend and founder of legendary rock club CBGB, has passed away due to lung cancer complications at 75. His pioneering legacy and the incredible bands he helped elevate are among the things that survive him. Incidentally, CBGB closed its doors permanently less than a year ago.

This makes us want to shut our bedroom door, cue up Television’s Marquee Moon, bawl our eyes out, and quietly put out our cigarettes.


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