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Lionel Richie’s Bai-Out

July 22nd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

The blogosphere has been rather unforgiving regarding rumors that sparked after Bai Ling and Lionel Richie apparently shared some laughter and conversation over dinner at the Santa Monica Viceroy last Thursday.

“Oddest. Couple. EVER!”

“Lionel Richie and Bai Ling? Seriously?”

“Lionel is 60 years old and has been divorced twice – his second marriage ended in 2004, when he and Diane Alexander split after nearly nine years of marriage. Bai Ling is 42 years old, and totally strange.”

If the rumors of a budding romance are true, I actually think they might fit quite nicely together. Underneath it all, she could be an incredibly pensive soul, as reflected by her prose. And a poetic soul, he certainly is. I mean, HELLO:

Could be magical! Even though he can’t rock an accent (at least, not temporarily) and she certainly does with “finesse,” if these two crazy kids can find love in the worst of towns, who the heck are we to stop them?

[via Dlisted]

Thanks, jRu!

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Finally! More-o of Maya Soetoro-Ng!

April 2nd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana


Do you think Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng reads DISGRASIAN? Did she happen upon your quiet pleas that she channel her beautiful prose into a tome?

Because Politico just leaked the news that the babe just signed a book deal with Candlewick Press. And even the concept is gorgeous:

‘Ladder to the Moon’, Maya Soetoro-Ng’s first book, is inspired by Maya and Barack’s mother as well as by Maya’s four-year-old daughter. What lessons, the author wonders, might her daughter have learned from her grandmother had the two ever met? In ‘Ladder to the Moon,’ Maya Soetoro-Ng pays homage to her mother’s tradition of storytelling — and celebrates her mother’s enduring legacy of service — with an unforgettable story of love and compassion being passed along generations. Brimming with the beauty and magic of the night, Ladder to the Moon is a modern-day fable that will charm readers of any generation with its lush prose and timeless message about discovering one’s own strength. Illustrator and publication date are to be determined.

While–as the product of a fairly stoic, left-brained, Hardass Asian Family– I don’t quite understand how one can be inspired by their relations towards such gentle images of ancestry and beauty, I certainly do appreciate it.

Freakin’ fly me to the Moon, Jen! Can we get on some pre-order action?? Where is this book!!?!?


Thanks, Catherine!

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Leaked Emails Are the Windows to the Soul

November 13th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Typically, leaked emails expose people as the dumbasses that they really are. Like the one written by a Hollywood assistant who mistakenly thought Rosh Hoshanah was a person. Or the one written by a celebutard publicist who called director Wim Wenders “Vin Bender” and chewed out a writer for bothering the publicist with questions when “it’s Oscar week, for god’s sake.” (Oops! My bad. That’s from my own inbox. Ah well–consider it now leaked!)

Emails are often windows to the soul–the lesser, bitchier, un-spellchecked soul. This is why most people need Mail Goggles, an ego to the id. Barack’s little sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, needs no such thing, however. In a post-election email sent to close friends that was leaked to Time, she wrote of her brother’s victory:

“I wept tears of joy for all of us on Tuesday. He may not be a perfect man. Certainly, he has often said that he’ll likely be an imperfect President, but he is a good man, a smart man, a disciplined soul who balances temperance with determination and courage. We’ve made a great choice, I assure you.”

And on the fact that her beloved grandmother’s death and the election of her brother happened within days of each other:

“There’s a wide swatch of emotion cutting through me, sometimes swirling, never simple … a briny mixture of elation, sadness, determination, regret, pride, hope, fatigue.”

Um, wow. After reading that, I’m feeling a briny mixture of HolyCrapILoveYourProseStylings and CanIBeYourNumberOneFanOrYourBestFriendWhateverWorksForYou and HopefullyMyLoveForYouMayaSoetoroNgIsn’tTooCreepy.

Also, PleasePleaseWriteABookIWantMoreThankYouThatIsAllForNow.

Thanks, Jasmine!

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