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May 12th, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to the guys in Rx Bandits, a band that once went by a clunkier name (Pharmaceutical Bandits) and pumped out lo-fi Orange County ska in the late nineties. Now settled neatly in Long Beach-ish (and their early thirties) the guys seem to have come into their own as a more-mature RxB—a dirty hippie dream with rock, prog, reggae, dub and acid influences that the kids absolutely seem to love (check out their well-received performances at 2007′s Bonaroo and this year’s Coachella festival for proof).

In the best possible way, they’re here, there and everywhere–angular guitar jabs are answered by falsetto vocals, unexpected horn lines meet aggressive drum beats, soft-spoken lullabies transform into high-energy anthems. They’re also musical poster boys for lovers of Mary Jane–spark up a sativa (Might I recommend the aromatic, and blissfully tart Trainwreck?) to rock out to electric-eclectic track “Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net Its Captor… (The Virus Of Silence)” or vape a nice indica and settle in for “March of the Caterpillar.”

I think I once made the mistake of claiming that the Bandits would be up in smoke before you could say “mother plant.” I’m rarely wrong about such things, but I definitely think I was all those years ago. What the hell was I smoking???

[Rx Bandits on MySpace]

Thanks, G Scott!

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It’s 4:20 Everywhere

April 20th, 2010 | 12 comments | Posted by Jen

It’s 4:20 somewhere everywhere today, so you don’t want to read any more AMAZING LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY CRAZY SEXY COOL blog posts, do you? No, you want to get baked, put on the Discovery Channel, get more baked, eat some potato snacks, eat some red and green gummi bears (leaving the yellow and orange ones for when frenemies come over), get more baked, smoke a dozen couple cigarettes, coat your burning throat with a handful of Ricolas, find a taco truck, decide that the outside world is a little too scary at the moment, go back home, lay down in the middle of the living room on a fluffy rug, put on some old records–I’m partial to 70′s country, like Emmylou or Linda Ronstadt–get more baked, and pass out as the last light of the day creeps through the blinds, right?

But in case you’re actually on the interwebz harshing your own mellow, here are a few choice 4/20 links:

420 MEANING: THE TRUE STORY OF HOW APRIL 20 BECAME ‘WEED DAY’ (HuffPo) – A long, rambling explanation of where the term “420″ comes from. Kinda like a stoned conversation, but with facts.

AP-CNBC POLL: MOST IN US AGAINST LEGALIZING POT (AP) – 55% of Americans oppose the legalization of marijuana. These are also the same 55% who oppose fun.

CHEECH AND CHONG HAVEN’T GONE TO POT (LA Times) – At 65 and 71, respectively, with a new concert film out and an ongoing comedy tour, Cheech and Chong are proving that olds still know how to party.

LEGAL CALIF. POT? SOME GROWERS BUMMED (MSNBC) – Legalizing marijuana in California? It’s all good. Unless you’re a pot grower in Humboldt County. Go figure.

KOREATOWN POT HOTEL OPENING TONIGHT, BUT IS FORECLOSURE IMMINENT (Curbed LA) – A “pot-friendly” hotel is opening tonight in LA’s Koreatown. Continue reading It’s 4:20 Everywhere

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Boob Ram

May 7th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

“Don’t Ram the Boobs” seems like a game that my boyfriend would invent after a night of Tecate, spicy pizza, medicinal pot, Cazadores, White Castle burgers, a round of Trivial Pursuit, three pot cookies, two quesadillas, Modelo Especial, a few rounds of “How Hard Can You Squeeze a Raw Agg Before It Cracks and Splatters Everywhere?”, a 32oz. of Miller High Life, one more pot cookie, an around-the-room test of “Who Can Eat a Tablespoon of Cinnamon?”, a plate of Thai larb salad, and three bottles of Pellegrino.

I can just imagine coming home to a very rudimentary setup of “DRTB” accompanied by the words, “But honey! All you have to do is wear this bikini and STAND THERE!”

Sounds pretty fun. And let’s be honest. I’m my mom’s flat-chested progeny, and I’m not getting fakies anytime soon–which could give the dude and his fellow contestants quite the handicap. I’m IN.


Thanks, Thomas!

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Oldass Asian Grandpot

December 5th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Multiple readers were quick to tell me the news: the world’s oldest marijuana stash (2,700 years old) was discovered last week in the tomb of a shaman in China.

What most of the news outlets neglected to report, however, was the note tucked neatly into the shaman’s front pocket, bearing the message*:

“Sorry, homes. I hit it already. It’s totally cashed.”

*Okay, maybe there was no note. But that is some oldass weed–don’t even think about it!

Thanks, Darryl, Michael, and Jasmine!

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Miss Teen Dumbass

October 22nd, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Reigning Miss Teen Louisiana, Lindsey Evans, lost her crown yesterday–11 days early–after she dined ‘n’ dashed with three female friends in Bossier City, LA over the weekend but FORGOT HER PURSE IN THE RESTAURANT. Which, in addition to her ID, ALSO CONTAINED A BAG O’ WEED. (The bill, by the way, was $46.07 for 4 people.)

This is just lazy and stupid. Leaving your purse at a restaurant where you skip out on the check? That’s shamefully poor planning. Forgetting your bag of weed anywhere? What the hell kinda stoner is she? She either hasn’t smoked enough to understand its value or she’s smoked way too much to remember anything; whatever the case may be, her little pea-brain clearly can’t afford it. Also, what sort of pretty white girl can’t charm her way out of getting busted for not paying an inexpensive check and carrying a little bag of pot in her purse?

The only good news for Lindsey is that she won’t be needing brain cells in the future, where she hopes to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. On second thought, I’m sure she’ll find a way to fuck that up, too. High-kicking in white boots and your underwear does require some basic motor skills and coordination.

Check out her mugshot. She looks like Tracy Flick’s dumb cousin whom Tracy is ashamed of and refuses to acknowledge in school:


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