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Music Mix the Bourgeoisie and the Robot

December 7th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Toyota unveiled a new robot yesterday, with company president Katsuaki Watanabe declaring, “We want to create robots that are useful for people in everyday life,” before a crowd of reporters.

Uh, which explains why this robot can play “Pomp and Circumstance” on the violin?!?

I can just imagine the R&D talks that took place in order to make this orchestral Storm Trooper:

“What could be more useful than playing the violin? Isn’t that what we tell all of our children? And we will teach our robot the Suzuki Method, too! So not only will he be proficient, he will be excellent! He will give recitals and play countless high school graduations. Then, one day, he will sit first chair in a world-class orchestra. Oh my god…we are geniuses!!!”

Very useful, Toyota. Very useful, indeed.


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