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Product Lust: The Phillip Lim/OCA Tee

May 13th, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

We learned from Angry Asian Man that fashion “It” boy Phillip Lim has teamed up with esteemed non-profit organization OCA to create an exclusive tee for Nordstrom just in time for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. Sales will benefit OCA’s youth programs, and by golly, doesn’t that shirt have a beautiful drape at the neck?

I know some of you are all gonna get aaaaaallll up in my grill for recommending you buy an $85 tee, but think of the kids! They’re little and Asian American, which means they’re the cutest small people you’d ever want to meet! Surely they deserve a few extra bucks. And just to say it again, look at that drape at the neck!!!

Buy the tee here.

[via Angry Asian Man]
[OCA - Official Site]
[Nordstrom: APAHM]

Happy Birthday, P!

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November 30th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Patrick Li

Age: 41

Occupation: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Creative Director and Principal of the branding firm Li, Inc.

Patrick Li, Packaging Your Sartorial Experience

Patrick Li, Packaging Your Sartorial Experience

Known for: Integrating the inscrutable design aesthetic of your favorite amazian fashion designers (from Alexander Wang to Philip Lim to Jason Wu) into the strangely-important little pieces–like label tags and gift boxes.

The NYTimes did a fascinating profile of Li over the weekend, in which he is depicted as both a design and communication genius. In the article, Rodarte co-designer Kate Mulleavy explains Li’s gift: “I would describe Patrick’s work as like distilling something to the purest form”–likely why the boldest and most complex of the fashion world flock to him when trying to determine their season’s essence.

We fancy ourselves a bit complex… now, all we have to do is see if he’ll redesign the DISGRASIAN logo in exchange for both of our first-born. And maybe a nice bottle of scotch.

[NYT: The Graphic Designer Patrick Li Translates Fashion From Silk To Paper]


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BABEWATCH: "Model to Watch" Tao Okamoto

September 1st, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Name: Tao Okamoto

Age: 22

Hails from: Tokyo

Occupation: Model

Why She’s a Babe: It’s the bowl cut. No, seriously. Before Tao got her new ‘do this winter, she was just another pretty face. But now, she’s designer Phillip Lim’s muse–Lim loved her hair so much, he made all of the other models walking in his Fall 2009 show wear matching wigs–and she’s been named to NY Mag’s “Top Ten Models to Watch” for New York Fashion Week. She was also the first Asian model to walk for Miu Miu this winter since 2007 (lame, considering Hong Kong is Miu Miu’s single-largest market).

They may get a bad rap, but bowl cuts on women are sexy. I got one when I was 18, and not only was it liberating–like a 90′s version of burning my bra–but it actually got me more attention from men, much to my surprise. Like smart, cool men whose idea of beauty wasn’t limited to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Bowl cuts have also been traditionally associated with hard times, and since we’re still in the thick of this nasty recession, there may be no other look that’s more now.

Dare you to bust out those scissors.

[NY Mag: Top Ten Models to Watch]


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The CFDA Fashion Awards and the Case of Mistasian Identity

June 16th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

The CFDA Fashion Awards took place last night in New York, and there were Asians all up in the joint. (Have you ever wondered what it is about our people and fashion design?) Doo-Ri Chung, Peter Som, and Phillip Lim were in attendance. Alexander Wang took home the Swarovski Award for Womenswear–given each year to an up-and-coming designer–after beating out Thakoon Panichgul and Jason Wu.

Michelle Obama was given a special tribute award for supporting American designers, which was an indirect nod to Thakoon and Jason Wu, whose profiles were elevated significantly after the First Lady wore their designs at two major events during the election (the last night of the DNC and the Inaugural Ball, respectively). Jason Wu was also at Monday night’s CFDA’s. Here he is with awards presenter Diane Kruger, in his design:

And again with Jack White:

Hey! That’s not Jason Wu! (That’s another little Asian person, Anna Sui, who received a lifetime achievement award.)

But the similarities are striking, we have to admit.


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July 26th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

…to designers Phillip Lim of 3.1 Phillip Lim and Koi Suwannagate of Koi for garnering CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award nominasians.

Watch Douglas Keeve’s Seamless to see how this award can dramatically change a young designer’s fortunes.


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When Worlds Collide: Debra Messing And Phillip Lim

July 20th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen
Debra Messing and designer Phillip Lim at the opening of Lim’s store on Mercer St. in New York

Phillip: Hi Deb! Thanks for coming to my store opening! Do you want some champagne?

Debra: Yes! I would love some! I’m so excited to be here! I just got nominated for an Emmy! I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Phillip: Congratulasians, Deb. Good for you.

Debra: I know! Isn’t it?!? I mean, of course I already have one Emmy, and that’s enough, because most people don’t even get the chance to have THAT, and that is so precious. Do you have an Emmy?

Phillip: Uh, no Debra. I’m a fashion designer.

Debra: Kidding! Har har! I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!!! They love me! They really love me! This is so great! Maybe I’ll get free clothes again! And land the cover of Vogue!

Phillip: Debra, darling. That dress of mine that you’re wearing was free.

Debra: I know! And thank you! You are a wonderful friend! But I had to buy this turban-thingy on my own! Do you think it makes me look thinner?! I think it makes my face look two pounds thinner! What do you think?!? Tell me!!!

Phillip: Well, that’s why I designed this flounce on the front of the dress. It disguises one’s imperfections. Not that you have any.

Debra: OMG. You think I’m fat?! You do, don’t you?! You think I look fat?! OMG. Do you have something else I can wear?! Oh my god, is Anna Wintour here?!? Give me a new dress RIGHT NOW or I’ll bite your dick off!!!

Phillip: Whoa. Debra. Chillax. Let’s find you something else to wear. We’ll make it all better.

Debra: Damn straight you will!!! Because I’m Debra Messing, and I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!


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Going Out on a Lim

June 7th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

In the Thursday No Styles section of the NYT, it was reported that designer Phillip Lim, who was recently named fashism’s hottest emerging talent by the CFDA (another one of our peeps, Derek Lam, won for best accessories), had said it was “unfair” that the Olsen Twins, who presented at the CFDAs, were becoming “designers.”

In addition to peddling sweatshop goods at Walmart, the Twins have a label called “The Row” and “Elizabeth and James,” as well as…BILLIONS of dollars. (Remind me, again, why I went to college?) Normally, I would say that the Limster is suffering from a case of sour grapes-itis, except…he’s FREAKIN’ RIGHT.

“Who Us? We don’t give a shit.”

Click here for full story.


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3.1 Feet High and Rising

May 16th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

The LA Times published a story recently on Chinese-American designer Phillip Lim (of 3.1 Phillip Lim), a current darling of the fashism world. I’ve always been of the mind that Lim’s designs were inexpensive (relatively speaking), derivative versions of Chloe, Marni, and Marc, and didn’t get all the hooha over the label.

But then I read this story, which made me go, Awww.

Like so many immigrant children who don’t go into professional fields, Lim thinks he’s disappointed his parents, for whom going into fashion was on par with becoming a small-time seamstress. He’s not estranged from his mom, but they have a mutual understanding. He lives his life in New York, she sends him her famous garlic sauce, and they rarely, if ever, discuss work…

“Vogue magazine doesn’t mean anything to her,” Lim says. “She doesn’t know who Anna Wintour is or what Barneys is. She doesn’t know that it’s all about the little white dress.”

Phillip Lim with his mother Hannah

Hardass Asian parents? Check. Obliviousness to Fashism’s Decrees? Check. I love this mother-son duo!

The story goes on to talk about how Asian-American designers like Derek Lam, Doo Ri Chung, Peter Som, and Thakoon Panichgul are BLOWING UP. Click here for the full scoop.


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