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May 20th, 2010 | 3 comments | Posted by Diana

Happy birthday to Maggie Q, who turns 31 on Saturday! This glorious beauty and Q-tie is so sweet in the face we’d consider giving up meat for her. At least for a day or two.

[Wikipedia: Maggie Q]


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Grace Park Single-Handedly Saves The Baby Seals

November 5th, 2009 | 8 comments | Posted by Jen


You don’t have to be a bleeding-heart emo vegan with a hard-on for Natalie Portman to think that killing baby seals for their fur is one of the sickest forms of animal cruelty around. But after seeing PETA’s new celebrity ad campaign to end seal slaughter in Canada and some of the douche applicators in it…


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Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Share a Headline With Tila Tequila, Officially Making It Their Worst Day Eva

June 16th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Russell Simmons lauded his Global Grind blogger Tila Tequila this week for drawing an impressive number of traffic to her recent post on declining to wear fur.

Tila’s post features a horrific, graphic video of live animals being skinned alive for the Chinese fur trade (via PETA), as well as her advice to those who love the look: “[J]ust fake it..its [sic] less expensive and you can wear your new outfit without guilt.”

If you’re wondering why someone like Tila should be weighing in at all, however vaguely, on the topic of animal cruelty, she’s got an answer for you (and yes, I find the first sentence of the statement incredibly sad):

“It may seem shocking (it certainly shocks the hell out of me) but I have offered myself as a spokesperson for a few causes that I care about and actually have been turned away! As if the fact that I’m a sex symbol in some way makes my involvement less vital than another celebrity.”

Russell certainly found Tila’s participation vital. So much so that in his very next e-breath, he noted that Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy have also announced denounced fur, ultimately lumping them all into the same anti-fur tipping point.

One could call this the ultimate moment of validation for Ms. Tequila! Categorized by a hip-hop mogul as a bedfellow with world icons! Let the planet take notice!

Of course, Simmons did open those accolades with, “On twitter, my new favorite hangout…” which is so unbelievably old-man and out of touch that I actually stopped paying attention anyway.

[via ONTD]
[HuffPo: What Do Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Tila Tequila Have in Common?]


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DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Well, It’s Not Rubina Ali

April 24th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Though the story broke in a barely-reliable “news” source, it took milliseconds for people to respond in shock and horror to British tab News of the World‘s claim that 9-year-old Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali was being peddled for adoption by her father.

Let’s just say the odds were stacked against Ali’s father, Rafiq Qureshi: Ali’s biological mother publicly praised the paper for releasing the story, even duking it out over the matter with Qureshi’s wife (and Ali’s stepmother) in the streets. And people have been naturally suspect of the Slumdog showbiz dad after his name first emerged, amidst controversy–after the film was a raging success, he felt his daughter should have been paid more (despite the fact that filmmakers arranged the Jai Ho Trust to provide the young actors and their families with education and housing needs).

While speaking to CNN with the young Ali, Qureshi did in fact admit to meeting with a wealthy Dubai couple (who turned out to be News of the World journalists), with the rather dubious caveat that he actually never intended to accept money for his daughter, and that he was misunderstood because of his poor English.

Ali added:

“’I talked to them in the room,’ Ali told CNN of the meeting, conducted by undercover News of the World journalists. ‘My dad said I could meet people if I want to, ‘But I will never give my daughter away for any amount of money.’

But here’s the rub: although the undercover reporters argue that they have seven hours of taped evidence showing Qureshi and his brother negotiating the sale, the video has no sound. And this week, Mumbai police dropped their investigation of the father, citing a lack of evidence. So perhaps Qureshi didn’t attempt this terrible thing, and maybe he did. As is often the case, the truth is difficult to discern amidst the chaos.

All we can say is that we feel deeply for poor Rubina, who really just can’t seem to catch a break. And to anyone who’s actually thinking about it, might we suggest following PETA’s advice (not something we’d often do), merely applying it to adorable, talented, potentially-up-for-grabs children:

…y’know: “Always Adopt. Never Buy.” No matter how fucking adorable.

[News of the World: Father Tries to Cash In On Daughter's Fame]
[TMZ: 'Slumdog' Brawl--One Mother of a Fight]


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Jason Wu Puts Fur Collection in Cold Storage

February 4th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

After announcing only a few weeks ago that he was designing a “significant fur collection,” Jason Wu, who created Michelle Obama’s inauguration ball dress, is now saying that the line is on hold fur now while he focuses on ready-to-wear, i.e. Sorta-Real People Clothes.

TRANSLASIAN: Global warming is real! Luxury is out! And I really don’t want a tofu pie in my cute little face!

Glad you finally took stock of the world around you, kid.

Thanks, Jasmine!

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Jason Wu Is Fur-real Real

January 23rd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Jason Wu, the 26 year-old designer who created Michelle Obama’s inauguration ball gown, told the Fashion Week Daily last week that he is currently working on a “significant fur collection, and the message will be all about luxury.”

Honey, have you picked up a newspaper lately? (Of course you haven’t. They’re all going out of business.) But haven’t you heard of those pesky little nuisances called “global warming” and “the global financial crisis” that are signaling the end of the world as we know it?

Listen. I love a fur as much as the next animal-murderer. But since you’re suddenly all that, you might want to think before you blab to the press. And though people say wackjob animal activism is on the wane, I would hate for you to get a tofu pie to that sweet, sweet face of yours.

Thanks, Jasmine!

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Just Fur Fun

November 24th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Remember how I said that I have nothing against fur, because I own a vintage ocelot coat?

I think I just found some matching earmuffs!


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Yawning Pandasian

September 5th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

If this photo of one-month-old panda cub A Bao yawning is enough to turn my vegetarian, dog-fostering, PETA-member friend into a gushing and rabid freak–one that declares, “I want to keep him in a jar! Where he will yawn all day long! In my jar!”–who’s to blame for the downhill spiral? The too-fricking-cute panda or my friend?

I blame the panda. You can’t yawn like that and expect to be left alone.

Thanks, Eliza!

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July 3rd, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

We don’t always see eye-to-eye with the activism efforts of PETA’s aggressive (nutjob) leader Ingrid Newkirk, but that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes play for the same team.

This week, Newkirk sent Stone (and her agent at ICM) a letter containing a truly thoughtful offer. Allow us to provide an excerpt:

I am writing with an offer that could provide an opportunity for you to escape all future public condemnation when you show insensitivity to the suffering of others.

Given that millions of people – including children – were killed, injured, and left homeless by the recent earthquake in China, everyone was shocked to hear you dismiss the devastating effects of this disaster. However, your cavalier attitude did not come as a surprise to us. We are used to the indifference that you flaunt and the callous remarks that you make about the suffering and death of the animals whose fur you wear so often.

Scientific studies suggest that the prefrontal regions of the brains of people who lack empathy might be underdeveloped. Here’s our offer: Would you allow PETA to pay for a scan of the prefrontal region of your brain to determine if comments and actions that seem to demonstrate a lack of empathy are the result of a physical defect?

Ms. Newkirk, we’ve consulted ourselves and our dads (doctors of science and medicine) and we all think you may be on to something. We believe so wholeheartedly in this cause, that we’d like to offer to pay half of whatever the cost of Stony McStonerson’s brain scan.*

We can’t think of a cause more worthy. Finally! Answers!

*this offer subject change in light of DISGRASIAN bank account standings. We will probably charge this on our maxed-out AmEx and then call the creditors citing fraud. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?


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June 18th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Today, animal rights wacktivist group PETA named Chinese diva and actress Faye Wong (Chungking Express, 2046) Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Woman.




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Rejection and Humiliasian

May 16th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Not everyone shares my love for Vince Vaughn, which is good whether or not he’s puffy ‘n’ old or young ‘n’ Brando-ish, smoking hot or smoking too many ciggie-butts, drinking too many scotches or… being a Republican or… whatever. Doesn’t matter. I love the dude.

Vaughn isn’t known for being all that particular in the female department–all signs seem to point to success if you’ve got a round rump and a couple of Patron shots at your disposal. So I have to admit, I was surprised as everybody else when I read yesterday’s “news” of Vaughn turning down a threesome offer recently at local LA bar.

(I know. I can’t believe people actually put this total ca into print either. But without it, there would be no DISGRASIAN.)

I’m actually quite shocked that any girl would take such a blatant and shameful rejection and make it public, but I suppose minute fame these days is far more important than shame. I can’t say that I would ever relive a romantic dismissal again, certainly out loud, to a friend or a tabloid. I may have too much pride. But that’s just me.

I know everyone’s asking the same question: “VINCE VAUGHN turned down a 3-way? He wouldn’t turn away a 3-eyed cow with a skirt on! Why would he do such a thing? WHY? Is he growing up? Did the girls remind him of Jon Favreau? WHY? WHY? HOW?”

I asked these questions to myself all morning, and then decided: any man that turns down free romps is doing so for a reason. And my theory… is that the girls were actually PETA bikini protestors. Nobody likes a pale, vegan orgy.


Source Source Source

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Hot(?) Chicks

May 15th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

It’s a bad week to be a chicken, especially in Seoul, where detection of the bird flu virus led to the slaughter of all poultry in the South Korean capital (about 15,000 birds in all).

Fortunately, the PETA chicks who protested the United Egg Producers in D.C. Wednesday are All USDA. In advance of the cage-in, the animal-rights group released a description of the event:

Wearing sexy yellow bikinis outside the legislative meeting of the United Egg Producers in Washington on Wednesday, six PETA beauties will crowd into three cramped cages to mimic conditions for laying hens on factory farms.

To our delight, one of our Washington readers sent us the transcript from the protest earlier today:

CHICK ON LEFT: Yeah, that’s right. Chubby vegans DO exist.

CHICK ON RIGHT: People say I’m a dead-ringer for Fairuza Balk.


CHICK ON RIGHT: Or Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire.

CHICK ON LEFT: Well, people say my juicy booty’s identical to Beyonce’s. And, no, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

CHICK ON RIGHT: I would’ve been huge in the 90′s.

CHICK ON LEFT: You wanna see huge? Let’s talk about these chichis.

CHICK ON RIGHT: I think I have early onset of osteoporosis.

CHICK ON LEFT: Sometimes, I eat Popeye’s chicken in secret, and then I want to cut myself. All because I have the face of a man.

CHICK ON LEFT: I don’t wear SPF. I think it’s all a scam. I like to be natural, except for the occasional visit to Solar Planet Tanning.

CHICK ON RIGHT: What I wouldn’t give for a cheeseburger right now.

CHICK ON LEFT: I mean, what’s all this about “sun damage”? I’m sorry, I don’t buy it.

CHICK ON RIGHT: Tanning is murder.

CHICK ON LEFT: You have low-blood sugar. You don’t know what you’re saying.

CHICK ON RIGHT: Your décolleté looks like crepe paper.

CHICK ON LEFT: Excuse me?

CHICK ON RIGHT: I can’t take this anymore.

Chick on Right turns her sign around to reveal a handwritten sign that reads, “WILL SUCK MEAT FOR MEAT.”

CHICK ON RIGHT: (weakly) Will suck meat for meat! Will suck meat for meat!

A crowd of people starts to gather.

CHICK ON LEFT: (to crowd) What the fuck are you all looking at? She’s just hungry! She’s not used to being in the sun! I mean, look at her! Nothing to see here, people! Move along!


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