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Pretty Sh*tty Curriculum

April 23rd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

A Yakima, WA kindergarten teacher responded to her five-year old student’s pooping-in-the-room accident the easy way: by wrapping up the droppings in a towel, sealing them in a ziplock bag, and placing them in the kid’s backpack along with his soiled clothes. Oh, and she wrote a note:

Listen, from what’s been reported, it seems like the kid was having some potty-training issues that the parents were well aware of. It’s understandable that the teacher, after dealing with, y’know, shit on her classroom floor, was pretty fed up and felt a good ol’ dose of shame would be just the power punch to rectify the developmental issue.

But even I, product of Hardass Asian Parenting–and someone who, uh, secretly hopes my kids aren’t B students because then I’ll have to actually work hard to convince myself to love them–thinks that shame isn’t always the answer.

And this shit is, perhaps, just a bit too much.

[Komo News: Teacher Sends Boy, 5, Home With Bag of Poo]

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