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November 18th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Name: James Hong

Hails from: Danville, CA

Occupation: Hot or Not co-founder

Why He’s a Babe: It’s only fitting that the person who created Hot or Not, a photo-rating slash dating site–which reportedly sold for $20 million this year–should be considered hot. And Hong is, in that geeky sort of way. The thirtysomething Taiwanese-American has also earned the reputasian of being the funnest guy in Silicon Valley, at least he used to be anyway, until his doctor told him to chill, and we can’t think of anything doper than a party guy who has to be told by his doctor to slow down (we aspire to get there in the near future). On top of all this, Hong has a blog, where he writes about his nerd interests, like Facebook apps and iPhones and taking a spin on the Zero G plane, which simulates weightlessness in space. And a man after our own heart? That’s hot.


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Scientific Experimentasian

February 13th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

After Barron Hilton, the third of four children in Rick and Kathy’s party brood, was busted for DUI in the ‘Bu yesterday, I got to wondering…would things have turned out differently if the 18 year-old had had a Hardass Asian Parent or two?

Below, please find…a scientific experiment:


Barron Hilton would not be a fuckup had he been raised by a Hardass Asian Parent.


1) HARDASS ASIAN PARENT: Why can’t you be more like your sisters?

BARRON HILTON: Uh, no probs.

2) HARDASS ASIAN PARENT: I take it back. Your sisters are dead to me. You’re now my only hope.

BARRON HILTON: Dude, what’s with the pressure? You’re giving me a fuckin’ anxiety attack. I gotta go smoke a bowl, man. Late.

3) HARDASS ASIAN PARENT: When you first told me that you received a DUI, I thought it was a school award or a scholarship. Now that I know the truth, I am severely disappointed. Drinking and driving? Where did you learn such degrading behavior? We don’t even drink. My heart is breaking into a thousand pieces. Do you want to give me heart attack? You’ll regret what you’ve done when I’m dead. Speaking of which, you are dead to me. I have no choice but to disown you.

BARRON HILTON: Whoa, whoa, so many words. I still get my inheritance, right?


Even if Barron Hilton had been raised by Hardass Asian Parents, he would still be a fuckup.

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