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BABEWATCH: Cathy Chow And Corina Nurimba, Co-Founders Of Tobi

January 5th, 2010 | 1 comment | Posted by Diana

Names: Cathy Chow And Corina Nurimba

Hail from: Bay Area

Occupation: Boutique owners, co-founders of, a “1-1 online shopping experience”

Why They’re Babes: We love ladies with good taste. And Cathy and Corina, who own SF’s Azalea (selling our favorite kinds of jeans, blazers, smocks, socks), and founded the innovative online store Tobi, happen to have exquisite taste. And sometimes they save you a buck or two, which never hurts in these shit economic times.

And for fashionistas, they’re more sweet than sassy, and more savvy than street. Check the vibe on their web series, Tobi TV:




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DISGRASIANtern Dispatch: Fashionasian

May 31st, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

May 30, 2008 should be remembered, not only as the release date of the longest “Sex and The City” episode yet, but as the day the dreamy collaborasian between designer Alexander Wang and Japanese retailer Uniqlo became fashion reality.

The proposition came from Uniqlo, as much a surprise as a delight.

“I replied like, ‘Yeaaaaah’ and ran screaming to my brother and sister who I work with, just so excited.”

Fans and followers flocked to Uniqlo’s SoHo flagship to line up as early as 8 AM for an 11 AM opening. Meanwhile, Wang marveled as friends and family snatched up the adorable, reasonably priced dresses.

“It’s amazing, that’s just like wow, we didn’t announce it!” he said. “I mean, there were blogs and online things, but that people actually followed it means so much to me that people love the clothes so much they came here early.”

So modest, and so talented, that Alexander. So when will Uniqlo answer my fashion prayers and open a store in Chicago? Or start selling their lovely wares on-line?

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Thinking Pink

May 14th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Jeeeeezus, Nick Cannon! Have a little pride, will ya?

If you refuse to (you are, after all, wearing an ill-fitting suit with a pink oxford, while shopping at a very icky second-tier Hello Kitty store) … just show a little tech-savvy.

Buy direct, and buy online. You’ll thank me later, Pinky.


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