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DISGRASIAN’s Summer Reading: Multicolr Search Lab

August 10th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

We’ll be away from our desks the month of August, carrying on with the non-bloggy aspects of our lives, watching mindless movie blockbusters, and indulging in summery drinks made with generous pours of bourbon. During this month, we’ll be linking each day to a different website that we ♥. Hopefully you’ll discover something delightful and new while we’re gone. If not, you are a serious Captain Crankypants and are probably in dire need of a summery drink made with a generous pour of bourbon.

‘Til September, lovelies.

Many of our readers are Asian/Asian American, and a lot of DISGRASIAN posts are about Asian/Asian American events and issues. I can’t tell you how often Jen and I are asked to distill the opinions (based on comments and responses) that emerge in response to our blog, and declare an Asian American “take”–the collective opinion on this or that item. But as Jen said during one of our AAJA panels last week, “We don’t all look alike, and we don’t all think alike.” After more than three years of writing this blog, that’s the one thing we know for certain. Though yellow pride may swell in all of our chests, some of us sway towards goldenrod, others blonde, and others… lemon!

The thought of our peeps as a multitude of brilliant shades on a near-infinite color palette has reminded my of one of my favorite visual technology sites, Idée’s Multicolr Search Lab. The visual search software developer “extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using [the] visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour.” Continue reading DISGRASIAN’s Summer Reading: Multicolr Search Lab

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March 17th, 2010 | 9 comments | Posted by Jen

Because of the dearth of Asian characters on TV when I was growing up, I always imagined that Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years was one of us. She had those bangs, and that shy nerd quality, and she kinda looked Filipino, you know?

When Winnie grew up and became a math geek IRL, that sealed the deal for me. Now I hear Winnie, aka Danica McKellar, is pregnant with her first child. This is what she told People magazine about taking her home pregnancy test:

…she originally put off confirming her suspicions [about being pregnant]. “I was in the middle of a really intense deadline for my book,” explains McKellar, whose third tome, “Hot X: Algebra Exposed,” comes out in August.

“I wanted to put off the [pregnancy] test because I didn’t want any distractions. That only lasted a day — I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I caved! You can’t try to put that off.”

Putting off your pregnancy test because you want to focus on finishing your third book…about how math is fun and shit?

God, that is so fucking Asian, I love it.

[People: The Wonder Years's Danica McKellar is pregnant]

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Rep. Joseph Cao Is One Of Us And We Don’t Mean “Asian”

September 18th, 2009 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen

Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA) was one of only 7 Republicans in the House who broke across party lines Tuesday and voted to rebuke South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson for shouting “You lie!” during Obama’s health care speech to Congress last week. The 240-179 vote in favor of rebuking (love that word, so hardass) Wilson came after Wilson refused to deliver a formal apology from the House floor.

Rep. Joseph Cao with his daughters Betsy and Sophia before the swearing in of the 111th Congress

The Daily Beast posted a terrific piece about Cao following the vote, calling him both “the most endangered Republican in the House,” because he comes from a largely Democratic district in New Orleans, and “among the most White House-friendly Republican politicians in the country.” It suggested that Cao may be the only member of the GOP who’ll support Obama’s health care plan and also quoted the Louisiana lawmaker as saying:

(Republicans) have to be approachable to the average American family. We have to be approachable to the average American. Unfortunately, I don’t believe our message has been that. It’s been somewhat anti-immigrant, it’s been oftentimes too pro-business and anti-family.

In other words, Cao votes with Democrats, supports Obama, and wants to put immigrants (like himself) and families before big business? Dude. If it looks like a Democrat, swims like a Democrat and quacks like a Democrat, then it probably is a Democrat.

Come over to our side already, Rep. Cao!

(P.S. Your wife, Kate, is too hot to be a Republican, anyway.)


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ROCK OF ASIAN: Twisted Sister

July 15th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

I happen to enjoy the fact that Twisted Sister is making strides towards a comeback, even though they were never really at the top tape of my bin (They were kind of a “Pontiac Firebird” band, and I always felt more “Chrysler LeBaron Convertible”). Dee Snider actually entertains me quite consistently as a droopy-faced older gent with a bag full of memories and VH1 sound-byte commentary–much more so than the droopy-faced, garish loudmouth he was in his youth.

When director Ben Kim told us that he and D.P. Jonathan Yi (Ed. note–Two almond-eyed men bossing people around from behind the camera? Yummers!) had helmed a hot of ze presses music video for Twisted Sister’s newest track, “30,” we were pleased as punch.

We really just kinda love their straightforward approach–Simple setting, clean concept: A dramatic dusting off of Marshall stacks and a sweet-ass drum kit. Old metalheads giving it another go.

Fucking great.

And the fact that two of our peeps have the mettle to shoot metal in HD? Even better.

[YouTube: Twisted Sister - "30"]

Thanks, Ben!

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Hock a Loogie of Love Bus

March 17th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Wuh-oh. Can somebody please tell the increasingly pugnacious Brittanya that spitting on someone is not only considered unladylike, but possibly Assault?

Brittanya’s last name is, O’Campo, which could identify her as Spanish, Mexican, or Filipina–but after these crazy-ass shenanigans, I can’t help but pray she ain’t the latter. I just don’t know if I could deal with this gnarly bird being one of us one of us one of Rock of Love us.

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Coult Sore

March 12th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Michael Steele, new head of the Republican party, occasionally makes a thoughtful point. And he occasionally unloads a whole unnecessary pile of disgrace, like:

“Ann Coulter is one of the best bomb-throwers in the business. She is the Carville of the Republican Party, although I think she’s probably a little bit better at it at times.”

As dismayed as I am to hear Coulter described as “better” or “best” in any context, my real beef is with Steele’s comparison of that demon lady to the illustrious Carville–whose political rants, love of O Ban, and almond eyes have always made me feel like we are soul brothas. Sure, Carville is a hothead with a hot mouth, but he in no way deserves to be so much as mentioned in the same sentence as that filthy, oblong-faced, gangly, hideous, ignorant waste of flesh.

Ann Coulter is the Ann Coulter of the Republican party: A cooze, a floozy, and a disgrace.


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Sashaysian, Shant-asian

February 11th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

I’ve gotta say, I was initially skeptical about ONGINA, the tiny, Asian contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race–a cutthroat competition in which sassy male bitches with chutzpah, saucy hips, and perfect Mac makeup betta work for the honor of, to put it lightly, the fiercest drag queen in America.

It’s just an aversion to most words I can think of ending in “–gina.” I don’t have vagina fear, I just can’t help but think about the ol’ vajayjay word when I’m talking about, say, Angina (sounds painful). Or walking past the truly unfortunately-named casual Italian joint in LA’s Little Tokyo, Pastagina (I mean, seriously? All I’m sayin’ is don’t order the seafood). So yeah, I judged ONGINA on the name. Not a fun name. Not an okay name.

But guys, ONGINA is so fierce that I can’t even bring myself to write her name without caps lock. No, she doesn’t tuck or wear wig, but she’s just got the littlest legs, brassiest style, and prettiest face. And even better, she’s nice! So very, very nice! So nice, in fact, that when she was empowered to become team leader for a group of four, she actually played like a good girl and shared the responsibilities evenly, forsaking micromanagement for even-handed delegation.

Which actually inserted a little doubt in my mind. What kind of Asian person enters a group activity without a mini-meltdown? Is it possible to be Asian and not lead with the phrase, “Just let me do it?” I didn’t think so.

But once I saw how Miss ONGINA delivered her team’s choreography lesson (three times the dance moves, half the time), my fears were assauged. Any bitch that pushes his girls that hard has got to be Asian!

So glad to know ONGINA is definitely one of us one of us one of us one of us. Here’s hoping one fabulous one of us wins!


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Jessica Alba Is Just Like Me

February 4th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Jessica Alba thinks she’s one of us. In the latest issue of Elle magazine, she says:

“…there aren’t many other stars, besides Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez, who most people in the world can related to. We look like people of the world – I can kind of mix in with girls in Asia, South America, Europe.”

Okay. Let’s consider this for a second.

Like me, Jessica Alba played the violin:

Like me, Jessica Alba has thick, china doll-bangs:

And like me,* Jessica Alba has a bangin’ bikini bod:

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty convinced.

Welcome to the tribe, Jessica Alba!

*Okay, this is not exactly true.

Source Source Source
Thanks, Jasmine and Eukadanz!

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Obama’s Doppelgäsian

January 21st, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Meet 34 year-old Ilham Anas, an Indonesian magazine photographer who has risen from obscurity to fame in recent months for obvious reasons:

Which means we can now truly say that Obama is one of us! Yessssssssssss!


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Mad Wedding

December 15th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

I am rather obsessed with Christina Hendricks, who plays Mad Men‘s glorious, whip-smart, feline secretary Joan Holloway. Her porcelain skin, bodacious hips, magnificent coif, wardrobe of endless solids, and elegant neck are the stuff of goddesses, or at least of wonderful seductresses and forces of nature. If you watch Mad Men (it should basically be required viewing), you know that it would be impossible to imagine the spitfire embodied by any other woman–because Joan needs to be played be a woman, and Hendricks is most certainly a woman.

Hendricks is an antidote to a plague of Hollywood’s dull-eyed, static, overdressed, bony girl actresses (like the entire cast of the new 90210 that I refuse to investigate)–who parade down Robertson Blvd. as meaningfully as a film premiere red carpet and become US Weekly staples well before they amass multiple credits on their IMDB.

She’s wonderful! And now she’s engaged…

…to one of us, actor Geoffrey Arend, who–look!–has a face any mother would love. I’m already dying just imagining how cute their babies will be!

Congratulasians go out to the happy couple!

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…Like Rice on Race

March 31st, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

I must say, I let out a little squeal this morning when I saw this headline flicker in a chyron in the CNN ticker:


“Holy crap!” I thought… are they featuring DISGRASIAN on The Situation Room? Is there a report on some form of long-grain that seems pre-determined to be the best? Is the Asian Student Union at Cal staging some kind of protest? All of these stories seemed plausible, wonderful, and intriguing.

But nah. It turns out they meant Condoleezza. Condoleeeeeeezza Rice on race. Got it.

Normally I try not to spend too much time hanging on to the words of this Rice, but I must say I’ve been dying to hear her speak on this particular topic, especially in light of all the “race race race” talk that’s been flooding media outlets of late.

See, I donno if you know this, but Jen and I are women of color and sometimes on this site we try to pipe up for otha ladies of color, and Condee’s a lady of color and we don’t often get to hear her do that very thing. Now here’s a lady that has a very big microphone (or at least the occasional podium) whose boss, according to Kanye, “doesn’t care about black people,” and… I’ve always just been curious about her real story, which includes race perspectives–they take a lifetime to build up (not just a day when “race” is the topic du jour).

The Chicago Tribune‘s ‘The Swamp’ reports:

While saying repeatedly she did not want to discuss the election campaign — “I don’t do politics,” Rice said — and also reiterating her lack of interest in the vice presidential slot, she said the United States had a hard time dealing with racial issues.

“There is a paradox for this country and a contradiction of this country and we still haven’t resolved it,” she said in a detailed reply to questions about Obama and race issues as a whole. “But what I would like understood as a black American is that black Americans loved and had faith in this country even when this country didn’t love and have faith in them, and that’s our legacy.

She also remarked that she found it “important that [Obama] gave [his speech on race in America in response to the Rev. Wright controversy] for a whole host of reasons,” as well as pointed out her own family’s complicated history in this country. Did George W. care about that?

I may not always like what comes from the mouth of this particular Rice, but what she said about race this week actually sounded pretty darn nice to me.


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Super Tuesdaysian

February 5th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

The Associated Press has reported that overseas began lining up in Indonesia at midnight to cast their vote in the Democratic primary today, kicking off a week of overseas voting:

CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen in Tokyo says, for Americans living abroad, it’s never been easier to follow the election. Candidates have web sites where the interested can see position papers, watch campaign rallies and even check out the latest commercials. “It’s almost like being home,” says Petersen.

AP also explores the benefits reaped by the favorite Democratic candidasian in Indonesia, Barack Obama, who lived in the country from ages 6 to 10.

“There is a bit of rooting for the hometown boy,” said Tristram Perry, the public diplomacy officer at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, as more than 100 voters began gathering at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in the bustling capital.

Dayum, I get razzed for calling Missouri my home slice even though I lived there from birth to age 7… does this now officially give me an excuse to claim it as my homeland? Perhaps not… even I can accept that it’s a bit of a shaky bid. Still, here’s to Americans in Asian countries stepping up for reprzentasian! They totally want one of us in office!

Most importantly, this overseas turnout proves that there is not excuse to avoid voting. If your fellow patriots are lining up way the hell across the Pacific to take part in the primaries, you should be too. If you’re a registered voter (as you should be) with your feet on the mainland in one of the 24 Super Tuesday states, your Amazian Ass better be voting today.

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