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Dear Tila Tequila’s Stalker

April 13th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Early Monday morning, an obsessed Tila fan allegedly broke into her home while she was out, locked her dog Onyx in her car, smashed up her living room, and hacked into her Twitter account, posting, “Tila Tequila is dead” and “I just broke into her house, killer her and her dog. Logged onto Twitter to tell you guys. She was signed on already. Tila Tequila is dead.” Later, around 4 am, Tila logged onto Twitter to reassure her fans that she was, in fact, alive.

No news yet on whether they’ve caught her stalker, but we have a few words for this person…

Dear Stalker,

Duuuuuude. Stalking is so not cool. But stalking Tila Tequila? That means that not only are you one wack sicko but YOU ALSO HAVE ZERO TASTE. And why in the world would you lock her poor pup in the trunk of her car?

Tila and her dog, Onyx

Are you trying to make us feel sympathy for this chick? Because it’s working. And that freaks us the fuck out. That is just…wrong. So stop it. Seriously.



Thanks, Jasmine!

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