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ROCK OF ASIAN: The Boredoms

April 23rd, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Even though they formed well before “my time” in 1986, The Boredoms–an insane noise band from Japan–were a benchmark in my rock development. I recall the moment the opening riffs of Soul Discharge poured through the mini-hi-fi speakers of my high school stereo: ugly, beautiful, messy, abrasive, confusing, yet altogether brilliant. I had no idea that something so intense could come from four people that looked like me (well… sorta like me, but way the hell cooler). From that moment on they were a staple in my audio life, during fired-up moments of solitude on my bed or as the wake-up call during my 3am-6am college radio show. I will be honest, they always made very little sense to me, and I loved them for it.

The Boredoms dropped off a bit at the turn of the millennium–maybe they were, ahem, bored? Maybe they refused to be a part of the shit pile that has defined the music of the oughts. Whatever the case, they’ve slowly emerged, once again, to wake and fire us up as needed. If you didn’t catch them (often referred to of late as V∞redoms) on their most recent ’08 U.S. tour, just keep your eyes and ears peeled for them to make the rounds again.

For more tuneage, pictures of hot chick bangs, and fookin’ awesome dudes, go here.

Thanks, Dave, for bringing ‘em back to me!

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