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T & Q… & Not U

August 13th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

You know those couples who get together, and it’s like, nothin’ but fuckin’ electricity right from the start?

Maybe they’re both friends of yours, who have plenty of time to rally with you while they’re single. But then they meet. They fall madly in love/lust, proceeding to dry-hump whenever they’re not wet-humping at home or in the car, even if that means octopussing each other in front of you and other assorted patrons at perfectly respectable dining establishments while “Baby you’re my baby, baby”-ing their way through meal conversations. After enough late arrivals to movie and concert group dates, guiltily marked with mussed-up hair and a thick layer of fuck-sweat, they eventually just stop coming arriving at events at all–and before you know it, they’ve just evaporated from your life, like whispers in the wind.

Trust: if you were to check in, they’d be all cuddled up together at home, just the two of them on a Crate&Barrel sectional, eating take-out while watching network television. But they won’t check in on you. They’ve forgotten about you. Wait–actually, there is an offchance that they’ll actually drop you an email at some point: “Ben moved in! Housewarming party soon…” about a housewarming party that will happen never.

These are M.I.A. couple-types. I hate these people. Always down to hang when they’re not getting action, totally worthless when they’re getting blown or blowing. These are truly the kind of friends that should be dismissed entirely. Buh-BYE.

This thought crossed my mind when I discovered recently that newly-engaged Mariqueen Maandig is suddenly parting ways with the band she fronts, West Indian Girl. This–not surprisingly but perhaps more importantly–coincides with the impending end of touring days for her fiancée’s band, Nine Inch Nails.


Sure, it’s circumstantial (after all, I don’t know these people) but the puzzle pieces seem to fit–Trent and Q might actually be… an M.I.A. couple. Which might mean I hate ‘em.

Let’s see what West Indian Girl has to say about it:

from the very very sad and unfortunate department we announce that west indian girl and mariqueen have parted ways. due to her recent life and priority changes she will no longer be part of our group. we wish her nothing but the best as she embarks on a new chapter of her new life outside of this band. she sacrificed a lot over the years and her loyalty and professionalism to this family will sorely be missed. she will, however, always remain in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. thank you q, we love and miss you.

Uh huh… there’s a lot of fluff and sweet talk in there (and quite honestly, maybe T and Q are already talking babies…EW!), but I think it’s evident the band pretty much hates M.I.A. couples, too.

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