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Empire State Building Jumper ID’ed As Yale Student

March 31st, 2010 | 11 comments | Posted by Jen

The man who jumped from the Empire State Building’s 86th floor observation deck Tuesday has been identified as 21 year-old, Austin, TX native Cameron Dabaghi, a junior at Yale majoring in East Asian Studies.

A 10 foot-high spiked fence encircles that observation deck. The AP reports that there were 7 other people on the 86th floor terrace at the time, and one person tried to talk Dabaghi out of it as he climbed over the fence.

Apparently he left a suicide note in his dorm room saying he was sorry, and that he would either be jumping from the George Washington Bridge or the Empire State Building.

The fact that Dabaghi left a note, traveled from New Haven to New York, and picked the tallest building in the city that isn’t the easiest place to jump from–only about 30 suicides have occurred from the Empire State Building since its opening in 1931–suggests to me that he had given a lot of thought to his final act. I’m assuming he took the Metro-North train into New York–the easiest way to get from Yale to the city–which gave him two-plus hours to contemplate what he was about to do. Did he think about turning back? Sometimes when there’s time between the suicidal impulse and the act itself, that’s enough to save a person’s life. In this case, it wasn’t.


[HuffPo: Cameron Dabaghi ID'd As Empire State Building Jumper: Yale Student Commits Suicide From Empire State Building Observation Deck]
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Annie Le Murder Update: Police Focus On Lab Technician

September 15th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

With autopsy results in the murder of 24 year-old Yale grad student Annie Le still pending, it’s now being reported that police have descended in “large numbers” on the apartment building of lab technician who worked in the same building where Le’s body was found.

The lab technician has not been officially named a suspect, although a police source close to the investigation told CBS News Monday that the lab technician has already failed a polygraph test.


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