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June 29th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

The Associated Press reported this week that a former UC Riverside student went to dark lengths to subvert a graduation ceremony and avoid telling his mother that he’d dropped out of college:

Audley Yung told his mother that he was scheduled to graduate from University of California, Riverside, last weekend and she planned to drive from Northern California to attend, according to the affidavit.

Yung, 22, attended the university as recently as last summer but did not have enough credits to graduate.

The affidavit said Yung admitted sending a letter and two e-mails to university officials threatening to set off several improvised explosive devices during a commencement planned for June 15. The document also said Yung admitted building a bomb using a wine bottle and gasoline, placing it next to a palm tree on campus, dousing the tree with gasoline and setting it on fire.

A business administration graduation ceremony and some final exams were rescheduled because of the scare.

Yung hoped university officials would cancel the weekend graduation ceremonies, giving him an excuse not to attend. “Then his mother would return home and everything would be as it once was,” police Detective Jessie Orona said in the affidavit.

Orona also said Yung’s “true mind set was to injure or otherwise harm innocent people.” Investigators searched Yung’s apartment and discovered a letter he had allegedly written stating his hatred of all rich white and Chinese kids, and that he was going to kill them all, court records show.

Here’s the thing: the extended, complicated, cover-my-ass-until-I-die lie I actually understand. Picture him every lunar New Year in Northern California, surrounded by standoffish uncles, clucking aunts and snotty cousins: When are you going to be done school? How many more years you have? Your cousin Johnny take three extra classes at Berkeley this semester. What are you majoring in? What does that mean? What kind of job you get with that after college? Your younger brother is going to MIT this summer, so much better than you, aren’t you ashamed? Look here, Jenny just took MCATs and got into top 15 percentile. Why can’t you go to medical school? My friend here, both of her sons are lawyers and they finished early. Why don’t you try harder? You are a disappointment.

There is a part of me that completely relates to Yung’s desperate sham; especially since we’ve seen such a surge of them in recent months. Hardass Asian pressure is so totally, mind-twistingly, esteem-crumblingly, spirit-destructively fucked. A person might do anything to avoid any more Asian shame. This I understand and empathize with. I really do.

But the rage and hatred, the deep, violent, terrible, sociopathic resentment, the brutal and vitriolic intentions–all echoing so soon after the dark day at Virginia Tech–these things I do not understand at all.

When will we be ready we look ourselves in the face and realize we all have a much bigger problem here? These are our brothers and sons, and they’re breaking down right before our eyes.

Read the full story here.

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