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ROCK OF ASIAN: Paper Heart Soundtrack

August 5th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Michael Cera has reportedly dumped Charlyne Yi after three years of dating, one week before the premiere of her movie, Paper Heart, in which Charlyne tries to figure out what true love is and ends up falling for Cera.

How inconvenient.

Or is it convenient? The timing is awfully suspicious. Also, given the fact that Paper Heart lives in meta-land–not exactly documentary, not totally fiction–doesn’t news of their break-up seem designed to pique people’s interest in the film? I don’t even buy that the two were going out in the first place. The first time I heard about them as a couple was when I heard about the movie. The scenes in the movie trailer where they’re together, supposedly falling for one another, seem completely acted and ooze that horribly platonic “just friends” vibe. And Charlyne, comedic talents notwithstanding, has about as much sex appeal as an eggplant. Isn’t that why she was cast as Baby in that Dirty Dancing reenactment with Channing Tatum, because the combination of her unsexy awkwardness and his over-the-top porn steez made the scene awesomely funny? Maybe I’m an awful person. But Charlyne Yi, eggplant. There, I said it.

One thing I would buy is the Paper Heart soundtrack, which was released Tuesday. Much of it was scored by Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi, and it’s predictably sweet, lo-fi, and indie. The perfect soundtrack for people trying to figure out what true love is (listen here).

Yeah, right.

[MySpace: Paper Heart Soundtrack]

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Why Don’t I Have a Paper Heart-On?

April 22nd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Overture Films announced this month that they will be distributing the indie-soft mockumentary Paper Heart, which follows Michael Cera’s real-life old lady, Charlene Yi, on a quest to understand love (a journey that, in onscreen life, leads her right to Cera).

If you happened to be paying more attention to the Presidential Inauguration than the Sundance Film Festival last January, you may have missed news that the film garnered a very positive response–pocketing the Best Screenplay Award–and not just because of offbeat, so-hot-right-now star cameos by Cera, Seth Rogen and Demetri Martin.

Why? IndieWire‘s Steve Ramos points at Yi:

If the great comedian Bob Newhart had an Asian American love child it would be Charlyne Yi. She’s the drollest comic working today and her deadpan style makes the comic documentary “Paper Heart,” premiering in dramatic competition at the Sundance Film Festival, a fresh, irreverent road comedy.

Since I adore both Bob Newhart, irreverance, and love children, I took a bit of time to watch the film’s trailer today [via Videogum]:

…and while my heart bursts (as always) every time Cera so much as says “um,” the teaser leaves me with not even an inkling to go see the film when it hits an eclectic theater near me. Worse, I now find myself stuck on a question I neither want to ask nor answer, and here it goes:

Why don’t I get Charlene Yi???

So many reasons to love her, as many of you probably do: She’s Asian-American. She’s a comedienne. She’s left-field and quirky, geeky and unafraid, doesn’t ching-chong jokes for easy laughs, doesn’t get fussy about her sloppy hair and moon face. The “New Kings of Comedy,” who I hail to, have championed her success. And I’m pretty sure that Jen loved her as an affable stoner in Knocked Up (prepare for an “Ed. Note” if I’m wrong about this)–and save for the one Yi exception, everyone knows I’m a freakin’ sucker for affable stoners!

But something in me (perhaps the something that can’t forget seeing her do criminally bad improv in Silverlake) doesn’t see her genius. It doesn’t “aww” when she scrunches up her wee little Yi nose. It won’t respond to the perma-grin that spreads across her face, like that other mediocre funnyman-of-the-moment Jimmy Fallon, whenever she’s delivering a flatironed laugh line. It doesn’t believe that her fun, fidgety shifting comes from the inside, that it’s all her own, instead of borrowed from her infectious boyfriend.

I don’t buy her deadpan. I don’t gobble her shifty comedy shuffle, which works so well for her male counterparts, when their off-script mumbling alone is enough to make their movies memorable. Does that make me sexist? Racist? Or just grumpy? I don’t really know.

All I know is that I just don’t get Charlene Yi. But I really wish I did.

[Hollywood Reporter: Overture to Release 'Paper Heart']
[Videogum: Paper Heart Trailerl]

Thanks, Jonathan!

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