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That Socks

September 23rd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

When our buddy Dave sent us these Hokusai-print socks (pictured above) via Fashionably Geek, I got crazy excited.

Immediately, I was like, “I want In the Hollow of a wave off the coast of Kanagawa on my tootsies!” Why? FRACTALS! Perfect fractal geometry as presented in art, right on my feet! Who wouldn’t want that (mathletes, c’mon, you’re with me here)??

Then I took a closer look at the landscape. That’s not the coast of Kanagawa.

Then a closer look at the waves. Those aren’t fractals.

So hunh. They’re just doodley Hokusai-print socks.

I guess that’s still cool.

Just not as cool.

Or not cool at all. Totally fract up.

[Fashionably Geek: My Socks Told Me Where To Go]

Thanks, Dave!

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World’s Smartest Man Compares Himself to World’s Dumbest Hobag

March 13th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Yesterday there was a interesting story in the NYT Science Times, the section that no one but my Dad reads. It’s about Dr. Terence Tao, a math professor at UCLA whose specialty is prime numbers (I had no idea what Dr. Tao was talking about, by the way. Maybe I should start watching the show Numb3rs.) A few fun facts about the Tao Master:

“By age 2, he had learned to read. At 9, he attended college math classes. At 20, he finished his Ph.D.”

“Last summer, he won a Fields Medal, often considered the Nobel Prize of mathematics, and a MacArthur Fellowship, the “genius” award…”

“Colleagues have teasingly called Dr. Tao a rock star and the Mozart of Math.”


But here’s what I really love about this dude. When asked about his recent rocket to fame (Tao’s only 31. Bet you feel lame. I know I do.), he replied:
“You start getting famous for being famous,” Dr. Tao said. “The Paris Hilton effect.”

Now that’s what I call humility.

Source: House of Wax, Warner Bros.

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