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Tiger Woods Mans Up By Wearing Man-Jewelry

March 22nd, 2010 | 3 comments | Posted by Jen

For the first time since the Nov. 27 car accident that outed him as a cheater, Tiger Woods answered questions from the media in two separate interviews with the Golf Channel and ESPN.

Both interviews were billed as Tiger’s first since Nov. 27, and both seemed as carefully scripted as his Feb. 19 press conference. To each media outlet, Tiger declined to discuss what really happened on Nov. 27 when he cracked up his Escalade in the middle of the night, saying everything was already “in the police report” and anything beyond that was a “private” matter. When the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman asked Tiger how he crashed his car, the golfer did nothing to improve the rep of Asian drivers everywhere by saying, rather obliquely:

I wasn’t going very fast, but unfortunately, I hit a few things.

Tiger did make one VERY BIG personal revelation over the weekend, however.

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An Open Letter to Asian Boy Bands

August 21st, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen



Hey Dudes,

Wazzup?!? I’m writin to you not so much as a fan but as a curious onlooker. I wuz mindin my own beeswax the other night, eatin delicious Chinese food in the SGV with my BFFs, and I noticed on their flatties, there wuz some singin competition, like AI but with Azns. Even though the sound wuz off, I could tell that all the boyz were DISGRAZN. How, u ask? It wuzn’t the 1-handed gluvs or all that scary man jewelry. And a lot of the boyz were really really key-ute.

It wuz the Artichoke Haircut.

WTF am I talkin bout? Take a look in the mirror. What’s wit all those layers? Are u addicted to mousse? Didja–as my BF Diana would say–get n2 a fight with a weedwhacker? Are yr hairdressers blind?

Wen I look at u, all I see is Meg Ryan circa the late 90′s, after she wuz cute and b4 she became a plastic surgery droid. This gives me awkweird feelins I can’t really xpress. I realze that boy bands are sposed to have preposterous hair, but u gotta draw the line somewhere.

____________the line___________

Plz stop this asap.


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