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AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Lisa Lee And Lynn Chen’s “Thick Dumpling Skin”

February 21st, 2011 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

In all of my three decades of life, I have never once been skinny.

Now–before you get all up in my grill with the, “Ohmygawd Diana, you’re NOT fat” words of soothing or the “You bitch, don’t talk to me about not being skinny” words of annoyance, please know that I’m not fishing for compliments, nor complaining about my size, nor stating I’ve never been a healthy, normal weight. I’m just saying, I’ve never been skinny.

But Asian girls are supposed to be skinny, right?

That’s like, the Asian girl thing: “Oh gosh, I just eat and eat and eat but I can’t gain any weight.” And “Urggg–they ran out of size zeros.” And “I was the skinniest person on my softball team in high school and I always hated it.” And “I can’t believe it, Yennie and I both hit three-digit weights over the holidays and we almost died!” Slight frames and narrow shoulders and bony hips and knobby knees and protruding ribs and flat asses and tiny breasts and slender thighs and stick arms. It’s our answer to the world’s Amazon legs and blonde waves and sexy curves. We’re skinny, betches.

Well, some of us.

Are we all meant to look like this?

Then there are the rest of us. We are sized 4, 6, 8, 14, 20. Medium and XXL. We do not eat whatever we want. Our clothes don’t “hang” on us. We cannot fathom wearing thigh-high boots. We have learned to like Diet Coke. We see photos of ourselves at weddings and realize that our arms are the same size as our cousins’ legs. We do not get lifted whimsically in the air by men. We have never liked our knees. We walk into an Asian supermall and watch them shake their heads–Your size we do not carry. We have Continue reading AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Lisa Lee And Lynn Chen’s “Thick Dumpling Skin”

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One Sad Thing About Midterm Elections 2010 [Ironic Headline Alert]

November 3rd, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

If there’s one thing we Californiasians should be bummed about, it’s that Prop 19–the initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana in our state–didn’t pass.

Which means, among many things, that we will not be able to start serving cannabis cookies at family functions in order to force our Hardass Asian aunts into being slightly less awkward, perhaps… almost… warm.

And that California, for all of its Wild West-ness and reputation for progressive mantras, has proven in just two election cycles–by attempting to snuff out gay marriage and recoiling from legal pot–that the state is really just an uptight asshole. It wears a tweed dress jacket from Talbots. It should really smoke some weed.

More importantly, the inability to pass Prop 19 means that we will sadly not be seeing more of Lynn Chen as a stoner:

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One More Reason DISGRASIAN Needs To Put A Hit On Lynn Chen

May 3rd, 2010 | 8 comments | Posted by Diana


We’ve got a long history of knowing stalking Lynn Chen, an actress whose excessive beauty makes us want to rip our eyeballs out (Seriously, who in this world has got a cuter frown/smile? If such a person exists we need to take them down, too).

It looks like we shouldn’t only be threatened by her looks. She’s moving in on all fronts. Did y’all realize she blogs, too? Her blog with longtime friend and fellow actress Christy Meyers (also f’ing cute) is called The Actor’s Diet, and in it both ladies charmingly detail the way they eat (And no, they don’t write “just barf” in every post). Oh REALLY, Lynn? You think just ANYone can start a blog with their good friend that they eat/drink/gossip with all the time, just because, filling the blogoverse with sassy girlfriend chatter? HUH? Okay yeah, you can. Anybody can, really. So what?


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Don’t Dare A Bitchy Blogger

September 22nd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

To those who are offended by our video stalking of Lynn Chen–like the creep who opened up a photo-free account on Facebook to send me this cunty message:

…I have a few things to say.

  1. Jen and I are above criticism and just too damn smart for the rest of you.
  2. Lynn Chen is about 1,000x hotter than anyone we’ve ever met. That is why she must go down.
  3. When given the options of “truth” or “dare,” I always choose “dare” because I hate telling secrets and will do just about anything. If you’re going to send me a cunty note, please dare me to sock you in the goddamn face.
  4. I’m hungry.

[YouTube: DISGRASIAN™ Presents: *Exclusive* Interview with 'White On Rice' Actress Lynn Chen]

Thanks, Jessica!

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Goh Nakamura And The White on Rice Theme Song

September 16th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

When we have babies, we’re going to play them Goh Nakamura‘s music when they’re fussy. Because the Bay Area singer-songwriter’s voice is magic, a hazy brew of soothing, yearning, and melancholy. His songs are about love and life’s little moments, or, as he puts it, “parking tickets, impossible crushes and faraway dreamlands.” And he performs gorgeous duets with ROA cutie Jane Lui. You’ve gotta respect his clever lyrics, too, because how many songwriters are there, really, who can rhyme with “Fibonacci sequence,” as Goh does in the theme song he wrote for White on Rice?

Goh and friends are coming to a city near you this month and next. Click here for dates.

[Goh Nakamura official website]
[White on Rice movie website]

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Lynn Chen: The Hotness, the Interview [VIDEO]

September 14th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Wouldn’t you know it–just days after declaring our lust for White On Rice actress Lynn Chen’s mug, one of us (Diana) bumped into her ever-so-casually while fruit shopping at The Farmers Market!

We sat down for an exclusive, intimate interview about a range of topics, like how she got motivated for her Rice role and how she keeps that face so fucking infuriatingly perfect. Who the hell is that pretty? It’s infuriating. And no, this is not jealousy talking. Shut up. Shut up!


Now go see the movie!

[IMDB: White on Rice (2009)]
[DISGRASIAN™: BABEWATCH - The Ladies of White on Rice]

xo, Lynn!

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BABEWATCH: The Ladies of White On Rice

September 8th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

For those of us that didn’t get to see White on Rice while it was collecting raves along the festival circuit, this month’s theatrical release (L.A. friends, see you at the Sunset Laemmle?) is awwwfully exciting.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, get ready for a spike of adorable in your bloodstream:

There’s only one thing that seems wrong about the film, which is, um, how distractingly gorgeous female lead Lynn Chen is. Silky skin, perfect bow lips, rosy cheeks, bright and twinkly eyes? Hate her! (Okay, we actually crush on her, but right now our jealousy overrides.)

Chen: About as fair to womankind as Barbie

Fact is, every lady in the film is too cute to deal with:

Cathy Shim rocking “sexy fuckin’ secretary” for fall

Doe-eyed Nae
Joy Osmanski, the only woman in the world
that can look cute in a banana suit

…but dammit, now all we want to do is watch their purty faces for two hours on the big screen–which reveals the cardinal rule of filmmaking (whoever has told you that the the most important elements are beautiful storytelling or groundbreaking cinematography is lying): every movie is about a million times better with lots of hot chicks.

[IMDB: White on Rice (2009)]

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