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We All Look Alike? Well If You Say So, Let’s Get A Drink

September 15th, 2010 | 5 comments | Posted by Diana

I used my sister’s California drivers license as a fake ID from age 14 to 20. She’s eight years older, four inches shorter, and about 20 pounds lighter than me. I remember using the faker in Vegas with a mouthful of braces to win $160 in blackjack, during high school to get into 21+ shows, and all through college to stock my liquid-soaked house parties with coconut-flavored rum and Wild Turkey. Look, if the person checking my face was too dumb to tell us apart, who was I to point out their inadequacies? And for crying out loud, if a Parrot Bay and Wild Turkey purchase isn’t a dead giveaway of total underage-ness, I don’t know what is.

Is benefiting from some dork thinking all Asians look alike wrong? I don’t know. Do I care? Eh, not really.

Gawker reported this morning that three Japanese Lolitas (image above is not them) crashed Tom Ford’s ultra-secret, 100-seat fashion week party Monday night (just one bash, according to a tipster, of many among “the hottest parties all around town.”) Clad in platforms and pinafores, the trio gained entry by saying that one of them was Vogue Nippon editor-in-chief Mitsuko Watanabe, whose photo is to the right (One can only infer that Watanabe rarely, if ever, rocks her homeland’s esoteric, dirty-little-girl street style).

Unfortunately for the imposter and her party pals, Watanabe had already arrived and was seated in her, er, seat. The jig was quickly up and the girls were sent on their merry way. But the coup did happen–success for the Japanese Lolita tricksters! Can you blame them for trying? And succeeding?

Look, if the hoighty-toighty party list weilders are too stupid to tell them apart…

[via Gawker]
[Styleite: Japanese Trio Crashes Tom Ford's Private Show]

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Japan’s Ambassadors of CuteZZzzzZZZzz

March 13th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

In an effort to raise its cultural profile in the world, Japan has named three young women ambassadors of “cute.”

The three women represent archetypes borrowed from anime, manga, and street culture: a schoolgirl, a Lolita, and a girl described as a “fashion leader” in the Harajuku district. (Oh how I long to rip that crazy weave off the Harajuku chick and throw it to a feral cat.) At a press conference announcing their appointment Thursday, Tsutomu Nakagawa, the head of the cultural affairs division at the Foreign Ministry, explained the purpose of these so-called ambassadors:

We want people abroad to know these kind of people exist in Japan and to feel close to them.

Okay, but who at this point doesn’t know that “these kind of people” exist in Japan?

  1. People who live under rocks.
  2. People who live in caves.
  3. People who have never heard of the internet.
  4. People who have never heard of television.
  5. People without a pervy boner in their body (yeah, right).

And, more to the point, how many in the world actually think that only “these kind of people” exist in Japan?

Thanks, Lory!

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