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July 9th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana
Pop Superstar Kumi Koda & Honorasian Robot Rihanna, Live Earth Tokyo

KUMI KODA: Oh Rihanna! I love you!

RIHANNA: Uh huh. Great to meet you, yep.

KUMI KODA: I’m so happy to take picture with you!

RIHANNA: I know, that’s great, let’s smile and take it.

KUMI KODA: I even cut my hair like you!

RIHANNA: Well, you know, lots of people cut their hair like this. With weaves today, anyone can do up their ‘do. Fancy that.

KUMI KODA: Let’s get closer!

RIHANNA: Um, too close. too close.


RIHANNA: Oh god.

KUMI KODA: I’m so happy!

RIHANNA: [Panicked] Take the picture please. I need to go call DISGRASIAN and tell them this affects my decision.


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