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April 13th, 2010 | 6 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Jane Kim

Occupation: President of the San Francisco Board of Education, civil rights attorney

Hails from: Ess Eff (via Enn Why)

Why She’s A Babe: Jane Kim is one of those people who has apparently spent their lives entirely devoted to doing cool shit for other people. She’s a community organizer, tenant advocate, civil rights attorney, and elected official with a CV that seems to go on for days. Her colorful career choices alone give us due cause to crush on her (Oh man, nothing says, “I’ll show YOU law school, Mom and Dad” better than becoming a civil rights attorney that supports the art community in her spare time), but let’s be real here. Chica is sa-mokin’ hot.

Kim has the flawless skin, dancing eyes, prominent cheekbones, shiny hair and pretty lips of a person that could get by despite the fact that they, y’know, kick small children and don’t recycle. But we’re pretty sure she doesn’t do that. In fact, she seems quite fond of all kinds of children. We found this description of her work with the Board of Education on her site:

Jane Kim has advocated for expanded access for immigrant families, more equitable distribution of district resources, and greater accountability by the administration to the community whom they serve. Jane has provided leadership on a number of important educational reforms including closing the achievement/opportunity gap, redesigning the student assignment process, and promoting policies that have decreased the suspension and expulsion rates at SFUSD.

Though she was just elected by her colleagues to President of the Board in January of this year, it appears she now has her eyes on another prize in November: The SF Board of Supervisors. Oh good. Yet another thing to add to that CV!

Alrighty. So she’s practically perfect. But does she RECYCLE?

[Fog City Journal: Jane Kim Announces D6 Candidacy]
[Jane Kim - Official Site]
[Become a fan of Jane on Facebook]

Thanks, Cate!

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John Yoo Is Not Such a Bad Guy After All

July 22nd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

An Australian comedy show recently infiltrated one of Torture Memos-author John Yoo‘s law classes at Berkeley, dressing up one dude as an Abu Ghraib prisoner, and, weirdly, Yoo didn’t waterboard the guy! The Bush Administration legal expert, who, in a 2005 debate, couldn’t find anything illegal or indefensible about crushing the testicles of a child, even offered his class-infiltrator time to leave before he called security!

Awww, what a softie. I bet he’s great with puppies and babies, too.

[via HuffPo]

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AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Prof. Gabriel Chin

July 14th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Prof. Gabriel J. Chin

Occupation: Professor of Law, Professor of Public Administration and Policy, & Co-Director, Program in Criminal Law and Policy

Known for: Overachieving. Not only has Chin been noted in such lofty lists as “The 50 Most Cited Faculty Who Entered Teaching Since 1992,” and “The aList: The 25 Most Notable Asians in America,” but he’s the anal-retentive researcher bold enough to point out that presidential candidate Sen. John McCain isn’t actually–technically–a natural born citizen.

How was he the first person to figure this out? Perseverance.


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That’s So Thong, Dude

June 23rd, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Can somebody please tell me what the point is of graduating at the top of your high school class, getting into a good college, avoiding the bottle enough to excel at your undergrad major, studying 9 hours a night (for months) to get in the top 2 percentile of the LSAT, peddling yourself in twenty different cities to get into a good law school, avoiding the bottle enough to amjur torts and constitutional law and evidence classes and be the class asshole, killing yourself over law review, finishing law school just in time to start studying for the Bar, passing the Bar on the first try just in time to get a low-paying, thankless junior attorney job, blowing your first two months of salary on a decent suit to wear to court, billing two-hundred hour weeks until your boss actually gives you a closet-sized office…ultimately to make your Hardass Asian Parents adequately proud when they say, “our son is a lawyer“…

…but to throw all of that pride away by representing a lawsuit litigant whose reason for suing Victoria’s Secret is that the jeweled heart on her used thong snapped off and hit her in the eye?

Even my parents want that tuition money back.


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Raw School

October 8th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

This is what it’s like to tell your parents that you are majoring in English, or going to Journalism school, or aspiring to get an MFA:

YOU: I am going to be a writer/journalist/artist/academe/something that has nothing to do with medicine!

ASIAN PARENTS: What are you talking about?

YOU: Joan Didion is my heroine. My pen is my sword. My art is my life.

ASIAN PARENTS: You want to go to school for writing and reading (or art)? What kind of job are you going to have with that kind of degree?

YOU: Tons of people have those kinds of degrees. Writing and reading (or art) is noble.

ASIAN PARENTS: I have a gift for you. Law school applications.

YOU: I don’t really want to be a lawyer.

ASIAN PARENTS: Your cousin Daniel is lawyer. He has a good job. He bought a house last month. Very big. Gated community.


ASIAN PARENTS: Your auntie is calling. I will send you more law school applications tomorrow.

…Fun, right?

The strong do survive this conversation, and go on to become writers/journalists/artists/academes (much to their parents’ dismay), resigning themselves to decades of holidays uncomfortably shifting their weight from left foot to right foot while their aunts and uncles awkwardly try to convince them to give up their pipe dreams and study for the MCATs or LSATSs.

The others…go to law school. And get some sort of magical mystery bonus prize from Mom and Dad when they start house-hunting, softening the pain of their school loans.

It’s bad enough to go to law school just because your family guilts you into it.

But I would say that it is even worse to happily and guiltlessly attend law school, graduate, become a lawyer, become a judge, make some terrible/controversial decisions, and then have your superior write this about you:

“Since Tiwari does not have even elementary knowledge of the criminal law and procedure it would be appropriate that he undergoes a refresher course at Delhi Judicial Academy”

…as they send your ass back to law school.


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