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Product Lust: The Phillip Lim/OCA Tee

May 13th, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

We learned from Angry Asian Man that fashion “It” boy Phillip Lim has teamed up with esteemed non-profit organization OCA to create an exclusive tee for Nordstrom just in time for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. Sales will benefit OCA’s youth programs, and by golly, doesn’t that shirt have a beautiful drape at the neck?

I know some of you are all gonna get aaaaaallll up in my grill for recommending you buy an $85 tee, but think of the kids! They’re little and Asian American, which means they’re the cutest small people you’d ever want to meet! Surely they deserve a few extra bucks. And just to say it again, look at that drape at the neck!!!

Buy the tee here.

[via Angry Asian Man]
[OCA - Official Site]
[Nordstrom: APAHM]

Happy Birthday, P!

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U Got Perved

August 20th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Okay, okay. As you know, I normally wouldn’t encourage dudes to pretend-jerk off under their bed sheets on camera. Or make lewd tongue gestures as if they’re lasciviously lapping up a beef curtain hoagie. Or fondle themselves while declaring “Tittays!”

This is a perfect example of how sometimes life is not made up of absolutes.

For some reason, because YouTuber Jr. DaPhamily is just a teeny young pup, with cheeks like the great plains, he can do whatever the sam hell he pleases on camera and it’s a-okay by me.

I mean, check out this kid, who got as worked up as I did to see Vanessa Hudgens in the buff…again.

Perhaps it’s because we’re all a just a human bag of hormones at that tender age, shuffling off into corners to masturbate while imagining, hopefully, what real kissing is like. And after all, let’s assume he doesn’t necessarily know what he’s doing with his tongue (lewd gestures and “Tittays” both included) from experience–rather from a big brother or a couple of snakey pals. Big whoop.

All I know is that for some reason, this little perv rocks my socks off (*If you’re reading this, kid: I said “my socks,” not “my panties”), and I simply cannot stop laughing throughout each one of his short, emphatic videos.

Important caveat to this, however. Seriously, in a year or so–or the minute those cheeks flatten out by even a millimeter–when DaPhamily is old enough to know better and interfacing with real human girls–this form of behavior will actually be REALLY UNACCEPTABLE. (Ya hear that, kid? Better learn to respeck!)

Sigh. Pretty confusing, I know.

[YouTube: DaPhamily's channel]

Thanks, Jen!

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February 19th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Russell Simmons, whose divorce to Kimora Lee Simmons was finalized this month, recently spoke to OK! Magazine and praised his ex-wife’s mothering abilities.

He says:

“She’s an excellent mother, and I’m inspired by the way she’s raising our children. They are well-behaved and well-spoken. They are always well-groomed.

Hmm. We know a little bit about Kimora’s parenting methods, because we read her book, Fabulosity, cover-to-cover. Here’s an excerpt, which features her approach to building healthy relationships for her daughters with food:

“If you’re blessed enough to have kids, it’s your duty to take care of them and teach them how to eat. My kids do not drink soda, they only drink water and O.J. (No dairy, either.) I try to limit their candy, but I’m careful not to make it a big deal or ever ban it outright. If we totally took it away, they’d be obsessed! As it is now, they get one M&M at a time, and the only person who is allowed to give them candy is me–the nanny can’t let them have any. She tells them ‘you have to ask your mom.’ I’ll give them one or maybe two at the most. Ming will eat her M&M so slowly, savoring the sugar, the chocolate, and the peanut because she knows she’s not getting another one. Surprisingly the kids will snack on carrots and grapes, too. I hope my kids will grow up with a healthy relationship to food and not obsess over it–it’s important to me that they think of food as a good, happy thing, and be educated about it.”



We’re gonna call bullshit on Russ (even if his tots are, er, well-groomed)–baby mama sounds key-razy as a clown, and we think he’s just tossing out the accolades to avoid an Amazonasian beat-down.

Source Source Source
Thanks, Jasmine!

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