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Bobby Jindal: EPIC FAIL

February 25th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Bobby Jindal’s “Republican response” to President Obama’s address to Congress Tuesday night–which was billed as the Louisiana governor’s coming-out party–was universally panned by the left and right. Conservative columnist David Brooks–who is part Canadian and not given to hyperbole–called Jindal’s platitude-filled speech a “disaster,” “nihilism,” and “insane.” FOX News commentator Juan Williams said that Jindal sounded “childish” and spoke in a “sing-songy” voice. And now the entire interwebz has a new meme: Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock.

Dude. Jindal. You blew it. After last night, we totally don’t want to hump your accent any more. Supriya, we’d still do, but you, not so much.

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