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Things I Thought I’d Never See: A Dude Rapping In Korean At The American Music Awards

November 19th, 2012 | 3 comments | Posted by Jen

My Facebook feed right now is almost evenly split between links about Gaza and video of the “Gangnam Style” + “2 Legit 2 Quit” mashup that closed out the American Music Awards last night.

I don’t know exactly what that means, though it speaks to our privilege as Americans that we can view war and entertainment simultaneously from the same distance.

I wasn’t going to click the Gangnam Style link because, I mean, ENOUGH ALREADY, and when something meme-ifies so quickly, you feel like you’ve been there, done that without actually having to have been there and done that because everyone else has already really been there and done that so there’s really nothing more to say or feel about what’s happened.

After, like, the 100th post of this video though, I relented. And I’m glad I did. At first, just to see PSY in Hammer Pants (aka Justin Bieber Everyday Pants):

Though the real picness of what I was witnessing hit me about a minute in.

There’s a dude rapping in Korean at the American Music Awards.

There’s a dude rapping in Korean at the American Music Awards.

There’s a dude rapping in Korean at the American Music Awards.

There’s a dude rapping in Korean at the American Music Awards.

And that dude just stole the show.

[Hollywood Reporter: PSY & MC Hammer Remix 'Gangnam Style' at AMAs 2012 (Video)]

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Intern Jasmine’s Links Of The Daysian

October 8th, 2012 | 0 comments | Posted by jasmine

Ever wonder what Filipinos think? Our pals at the National Film Society get to asking in honor of Filipino American Heritage Month. [YouTube]

New York resident Christine Lee is the first Korean American woman ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church. []

Could the secret to growth for America in this century be more Asians? [The Atlantic]

Remember last week when we told you about Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao, who was offering $65 million to any man who could marry his lesbian daughter Gigi? Of course you do. Now would it surprise you to learn that Sacha Baron Cohen is adapting this story into a movie? [Gawker]

Kind of fascinating, kind of terrifying, Ukrainian teenager Anastasiya Shpagina is a real-life Anime girl. [Huffington Post]

White dude, Asian lady couples are turning up in commercials quite a bit lately, experts explain why this particular interracial pairing gets more play than others. [Washington Post]

Apparently some racist shitheads at the University of Texas in Austin threw bleach-filled balloons at black and Asian students. [ABC News]

This is heart-breaking: while doctors at North Shore University Hospital in Long Island, NY insist that 28 year-old Grace Lee, who’s been unable to move or speak since being diagnosed with a brainstem tumor in 2011, wishes to be taken off life support, her parents have a video they claim proves otherwise. [New York Times]

An update to the Grace Lee story: Lee changed her mind over the weekend, and has decided that she does want to continue to live the rest of her life after all. [New York Times]

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Groove Nation’s Viral K-Pop Homage

February 2nd, 2011 | 1 comment | Posted by Diana

A Vancouver (Not Whistler Mountain Vancouver, but the Vancouver, WA near PDX airport) dance company from Groove Nation studio entered a competition last month–with a routine that choreographer Julio Fuentes set to 8 minutes of K-Pop music.

Not a common choice for an American high schoolers’ dance troupe! Fuentes even posted a video of the performance on YouTube. And as you can see, it’s sassy and adorable.:

What Fuentes didn’t expect is that the little video of his teens dancing their hearts out in a gym would suddenly take off globally. It quickly went viral in South Korea, and currently has 515,143 views.

What’s more, YouTube’s trendwatchers report that Groove Nation’s second performance, posted two days ago, was among the Most Shared Videos in South Korea, as well as one of the most watched videos among South Korean girls ages 13-17. It already has nearly 22,000 views.

Ya gotta hand it to South Koreans–they know how to give ‘net love. Which has me thinking… JEN, GRAB YOUR LEOTARD. WE’RE MAKING A K-POP DANCE VIDEO!

[YouTube Trends: K-Pop Across The Pacific]
[Oregonian: K-Pop Tribute By Vancouver's Groove Nation Dance Academy hits YouTube, goes viral]


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ROCK OF ASIAN: KoreAm’s Krazy K-Pop Music Video Battle [Now With Extended Deadline!]

October 27th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

Since you’ve got your cameras and editing systems out, why not try to win some more kool shit? We learned via Angry Asian Man that our kickass friends at KoreAm have extended the deadline for their Krazy K-Pop Music Video Battle to November 10!

Which means: if you can shoot a killer response to this video (and by the way, we wanna see you muthafuckin’ DANCIN’):

…you can win a trip to NY. And get mad props. And earn our mad respeck.

Contest rules are all here. Step up, K-poppers!

[via Angry Asian Man]
[KoreAm: Krazy K-pop! - A Music Video Battle]


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Japan Revolutionizes The Girl Group

October 19th, 2010 | 10 comments | Posted by Jen

Watch your back, K-pop!

Although Japan’s been eating your dust for years in the girl group game, it’s recently produced quite possibly the most unforgettable pop sensation this world has ever seen.

Give it up for HRP-4C!

Unforgettable, in every way, but mostly in the skin-crawling, vertigo-inducing, scarier-than-clowns, make-it-stop way.

The upshot? She’d make for a terrific Halloween costume, especially if you hate trick-or-treaters, children in general, or, really, all people.

[via The Awl]

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Did Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Scoop Rihanna?

January 27th, 2010 | 7 comments | Posted by Diana

AllKPop has posed an important intellectual property question: Did Korean gal group Girls’ Generation (aka So Nyeo Shi Dae or SNSD) rip a song off of Rihanna? The songs in question are SNSD’s chart-topper “Oh!” and Rihanna’s sizzling hot “Shut Up And Drive,” both of which sample New Order’s classic new wave hit “Blue Monday.”

Our brutish ears might be too simple to make a conclusive determination on this one, but hell, we don’t care all that much!  What we’re really fascinated by is the mashup.

Some beat whiz at AllKPop produced an awesome, nerdy, well-organized YouTube video documenting both sides of the coin, allowing netizens to make their own educated decisions on the matter. They include selections of each video (which are both short-short euphorias and color hue smorgasbords), then juxtapose them atop one another at 133 rpm and a leveled pitch.

It can’t be just us… the result is like ear and eye candy. No, ear and eye crank. Why don’t we just have everybody call a truce?

[via ONTD]
[AllKPop: Oh! My Gee Did SNSD Plagiarize Rihanna?]

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Megan Fox Wants to Get Rain-ed On

June 15th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

On an Australian radio show last week, Transformers 2 star Megan Fox announced that she’d like to date Korean mega-pop star Rain.

“There’s this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain. And I’m really on this situation right now, I’m trying to fix this up,” she said.

Seeing as how Rain said last year that he loves “sexy women,” especially Megan Fox, it’s a match made in heaven, right?

Megan Fox at the London premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Coincidentally, Megan made this announcement right after the Seoul premiere of the Transformers sequel (where she wore a much talked-about, partially see-through dress.) In Korea, which Transformers director Michael Bay called “a huge emerging world market” and where the movie will open a week earlier than in the States. Where, as it so happens, the first Transformers killed at the box office (as it did in all of Asia). So her aligning herself with the hugest pop star in Asia? Definitely not a marketing ploy, merely a coincidence.

Ain’t love just so random and sweet?

Thanks, Jason!

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ROCK OF ASIAN: The Wonder Girls v. The Not-So-Wonder Boys

June 10th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

First, the good news.

K-pop girl group Wonder Girls is about to blow up Stateside, because they’re opening for a huge band–recently labeled a “nine-figure franchise”–on the North American leg of its world tour, beginning in 10 days.

Now, for the bad. That huge band they’re opening for happens to be those purity ring-wearing, scarf-abusing, dwarf-resembling, pre-pubescent giney-tickling clit-teases, the Jonas Brothers.

Nick’s Cannon

Watch out, ladies, for those ejaculating foam-cannons!!! We hear you can get pregnant that way, or, at the very least, HPV!!!

(Things work differently in the States, trust us.)

Click here for tour dates, if you can live with yourself.


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Wonder Boys

May 4th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Do you have something against happiness?

No? Good. Then watch this dance video set to the Wonder Girls‘ infectious hit “Nobody,” the English version of which is scheduled to drop any day now:

(Yes, the three dancing dudes are one and the same.)

Thanks, ScottyP!

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November 12th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

I was instantly stoooooooked when I saw that there was a brand-new album release from Big Bang, assuming for some reason that it was some sort of musical interpretation of my favorite sitcom:

Wrongo! I realized that Big Bang is actually a Korean b-boy group with a new rekkid, Remember, that just hit the streets. And then I remembered that they feel familiar because I lustily wrote about BB member Tae Yang’s hot frickin’ body over the summer. Dumb Diana!

Disappointed, I still peeped the video for the LP’s first release, “Sunset Glow”:

…and even though it contains no sign of Sheldon Cooper, I’m such a sucker for K-Euro-pop-hop and neon colors that I loved it anyway!

Source Source Source Source

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Wonder Girls

October 1st, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

It’s no lie–I’m a sucker for poppity-pop music. Which explains why I’m kinda (very) obsessed with South Korean pop quintet Wonder Girls. They dance in unison! They wear pretty makeup! They’ve got candy voices!

Plus, this fabby, hilarious Motown-inspired video (for the new single, “Nobody”) has been as addictive for me as crack cocaine was, y’know, back in the day. Now you, too, can be hooked!

Check them out on the official front here.


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