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Intern Jasmine’s Links Of The Daysian

August 31st, 2012 | 0 comments | Posted by jasmine

Comic artist Laura Park was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After having surgery in June, she drew this panel to commemorate opening the $67,373.81 bill she received in July. [boingboing]

DISGRASIAN™ co-founder and editor Jen moderated the fashion blogging panel at V3Con last week. Panelist Tommy Lei of MY BELONGING blog recapped the session. [MYBELONGING]

Software engineer and long time Google employee Chade-Meng Tan talked to The Economist about Search Inside Yourself, a meditation program he has been running at the company since 2007. [The Economist]

First Lady Michelle Obama visited with Sikh American families affected by the tragic shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on August 24. In addition to offering her condolences, the First Lady “underscored how strong those who died were, and how strong the Sikh community continues to be.” []

The man known as Kenji Fujimoto, who wrote a tell-all about the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by the late Kim Jong-il, was surprised to be welcomed back so warmly by Kim Jong-un on a recent trip to North Korea. [New York Times]

While Psy’s “Gangnam Style” continues to amaze and delight here in the US, people back in Korea are confused by its success. [WSJ]

Congratulations are in order for Lydia Ko, who became the youngest winner in LPGA tour history last weekend. [Yahoo! Sports]

If you want to be down with Asian American culture, you need to be in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. It’s an exciting time for those Chinese-Americans who are coming of age in ‘the 626.’ [Los Angeles Times]

Tiaras! Infected makeup! An amorous emcee! The Miss Hong Kong 2012 pageant had Continue reading Intern Jasmine’s Links Of The Daysian

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Cadillac, The Car Of Choice For Philanderers And Wife-Beaters

October 19th, 2010 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen

First Tiger Woods, now Junior Seau…what is it about the Cadillac Escalade that makes it the perfect getaway car for men involved–allegedly–in domestic disputes?

Seau’s Escalade Escapade

Seau, who was arrested Sunday night on suspicion of domestic violence committed against his 25 year-old live-in girlfriend, drove his 3-ton SUV off a seaside cliff a few hours after the arrest. The NFL veteran came away from the accident with minor injuries and reportedly told police that he had fallen asleep at the wheel. His agent, Mike Kinkler, told ESPN that the arrest and the accident were unrelated.

“One had nothing to do with the other,” Kinkler said. “It’s unfortunate the two events happened so close together, but what people are reporting is completely untrue.”

Uh-huh. That’s what Tiger said.

This can’t possibly help the reputation of the Escalade as the douchemobile of choice, but it likely won’t hurt sales either, especially since Cadillac’s have soared 43.8% in the first nine months of this year. Because even philanderers and wife-beaters–alleged, that is–need a bumpin’ set of wheels.

[NY Times: Seau Is Injured in Crash Only Hours After Arrest]
[USA Today: Ex-wife: Junior Seau was not trying to kill himself when car plunged off cliff]

Thanks, Aliah!

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February 4th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

As much as these words feel like broken chalk on my tongue, I must say them: congratulasians to the New York vaGiants. Super Bowl XLII was a thrilling game and probably the biggest NFL upset I’ve ever witnessed. I’m so bummed for Junior Seau and hope that he returns for another season, because that was no way to end a ringless 18 year-career, particularly his.

History was made yesterday, although it wasn’t just about the Giants beating the Patriots. Head referee Mike Carey became the first African-American official to work a Super Bowl. I was stoked, because Carey is very good at his job, if a bit strict–he’s handed out the most player ejections in the league–and because I find him kinda hot. I don’t know if it’s the ‘stache or how his butt looks in those white pants or the exaggerated manner in which he makes calls, a weird cross between the gestures of a traffic cop and a modern dancer. Some chicks (and dudes) dig Ed Hochuli and his ginormo muscles, but not this gal.

Carey and his crew did an excellent job in the Super Bowl, refraining from making too many pass interference and holding calls that might have affected the game’s outcome. But one thing Carey couldn’t do was keep Patriots coach Bill Belichick from walking off the field with one second and one play left in the game.

Did Belichick really think that the clock had run down or was he being a dick, as usual? Was he trying to create a scene at the end of the game and not let the Giants have their moment? I can’t imagine why he’d be in such a hurry to get off the field, since he’s got to deal with this in the offseason:

Would the NFL have buried “Spygate” if the Pats had been perfect?

That’s a tough call that no one now has to make.


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AMAZIAN and DISGRASIAN OF THE WEEK! The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat

January 14th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Name: Tiaina Baul Seau, Jr.

Also Known as: Junior

Occupation: NFL linebacker

Known for: Playing 17 seasons in the NFL (the Samoan Seau turns 39 next week), getting elected to 12 straight Pro Bowls, being the one bright spot on the San Diego Chargers roster for over a decade, receiving the Volunteer Service award from President Bush in 2005 as part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, finally returning to the playoffs this season with the Patriots after 12 years of nothin’, still scaring the lycra pants off of quarterbacks and running backs when he settles in a two-point stance.

Even though the New England Patribots bore us to zzZzZZzzzzz, we’re rootin’ for you, Junior! Happy Birthday and enjoy that ring!


Name: Tony Romo

Also known as: Tony “A Place for Ribs” Roma, Tony Cabo, Tony No Mo’, Tony Lame-o, Tony Go Home-o

Occupation: Loser

Known for: Woefully poor taste in women, mistaking a bye-week for Spring Break, pissing away home-field advantage, losing to lesser teams, sucking in the clutch, making huge plays at the end of playoff games (a bobbled snap last year, an interception in the end zone yesterday) that result in his team having to go home and hang their heads in shame.

About his decision to go to Cabo during the Cowboys’ bye-week, Romo said, “When I made the choice to do those things I thought I was making good decisions like not going to Vegas and drinking for two or three days.”

Good decision, indeed. Asshole.

So, here’s the upshot…

Wait for it…

Here it comes…



…Go Green Bay?

Cheeseheads and Grammar Go Together Like Ramma Lamma Lamma Ka Dinga Da Dinga Dong


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