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In Her (Johnny Choo) Shoes

October 27th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck attended rallies over the weekend with Sarah Palin, where all the two women seemed to talk about were clothes and shoes. And Hasselbeck said in a speech introducing Palin that anyone who had a problem with pretty women talking about fashion was “deliberately sexist” and recommended that those critics watch the Sex and the City movie that came out on DVD last month to see how women could do everything men could do backwards and in astronomically-expensive high heels while balancing a third Cosmo in one hand.

Brimming with Girl Power, Hasselbeck went on The View Monday morning and KEPT TALKING about Palin’s clothes to her female co-hosts.

She said:

“(Palin) calls Jimmy Choos, Johnny Choos. This is not a fashionista by any means. She’s not a clotheshorse.”

The “sassy” blonde described Palin’s sartorial sense as quirky and told the other women on The View that her new BFF, like so many other current fashion icons (think Chloe Sevigny and Mary-Kate), favors vintage over designer labels. Curiously, after all that, Hasselbeck said that she wanted the chatter about Palin’s clothes “to end,” and declared that talking about the VP wannabe’s many designer outfits is so last year.*

*Everything in quotations is true. As stupid as this story sounds, there have only been minor embellishments, like the Sex and the City detail, which we’re pretty sure Elisabeth Hasselbeck would never watch. Anything awful starring Mandy Moore is much more her speed.


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