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Even The Dry Cleaner Tried To Blame Yoko For Their Problems

October 28th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

Um, yeah, so…there’s really nothing that isn’t awesome about this letter John Lennon wrote to his laundry service in the 70′s:

Things that I reallyreally love about it:

  1. For once, the cleaners being yelled at aren’t Asian.
  2. The cleaners are being yelled at BY A BEATLE.
  3. Learning something new about Yoko, i.e. that she doesn’t sweat.
  4. The line “(MOST ORIENTALS DO NOT SWEAT LIKE US),” which I also interpret to mean “Most Orientals Do Not Smell Like Us,” which is true (read this if you don’t believe me).
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File Under Weird Oedipal Shit: Sean Lennon as Yoko

September 2nd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Freudian analysts could have a field day with this Terry Richardson shot taken from the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 issue of French mag Purple Fashion, which has Sean Lennon posing as his mother Yoko in a re-creation of that famous Rolling Stone cover of his parents:

To review: Sean is posing as his mother Yoko…in a re-creation of an intimate moment between his parents…captured in one of the most iconic rock portraits of all time…that was taken on the same day his father was murdered.

Hmm. Sounds a little bit like Oedipus Rex updated as an arty porno.

[via Trend Hunter]


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September 12th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

What happens when you get put a queer alt-rock dude from Imperial Teen (Will Schwartz) together with a Japanese electro-prince from The Boy Explodes (Tomo Yasuda)?

You get a band called Hey Willpower, that totally effing rules.

And what happens when that effing ruling band plays plucky homage to John and Yoko vis à vis a “bed-in-for-peace” begging citizens to “Give dance a chance?” in a music vid for their track, “Double Fantasy II?”

We clap our hands.
We wave ‘em in the air.
Like we just don’t care.

And then we yell, in unison…



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