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Flying the Pervy Skies

June 8th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

“Wanna see our cooters? Please keep your seatbelt fastened and your ‘tray table’ in its full-upright position! Hee-hee!”

The Mainichi Daily News reported this week that semi-nude photos surfaced on a porn website of a Japan Airlines flight attendant. They have since been taken down and, no, I’m not going to give you the web address, perv.

The flight attendant, whom the papers are calling Miss A–weird and pervy in and of itself–claims that the photos were taken by a female friend:

“I know where they were taken and who took them,” she explains. “She was a person who I once trusted.”

Riiiiiight. Cuz Diana and I take nudie pics of each other all the time. It’s something we like to call “art.” We giggle through the entire photo sesh, too–with our hands over our mouths.

Jen: Don’t you dare put that on Flickr, hee hee!

Diana: I might! Hee hee!

(sounds of vomiting)

More pathetic was the dialog that appeared with the flight attendant’s racy photos, which was obviously written by a world-class cheesedick genius:

“My likes are simple: I really go for Asian chicks,” the writer smirks suggestively. “And I just love to nibble on those dumb Japanese women.”

The text continues: “Hey, jerkoffs, how’s it going? Let me introduce Miss A (here, the woman’s actual name appears). She’s employed by Japan Airlines, one of their in-flight whores. I’ve screwed her in Japan and in the States.

If you want to hump this bi**h, you have to follow some rules. First, lie to her. I told her I was working for Continental Airlines, and that two buddies of mine were pilots. Eventually I suckered her and her girlfriend to coming over to my place and the three of us had a wild orgy!”

(more sounds of vomiting)

Is castration still legal somewhere in the world?

Click here for full story.

“Try to hump this bitch, and I’ll cut your dick off.”


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Stranger Than You Think

May 4th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Albert Camus’ great-nephew Thane Camus is living out a fantasy that might make Tarantino punch out a wall in jealousy: playing “Sensei” to a group of cute, giggling Japanese schoolgirls who, funnily enough, ask each other early on in the clip, “What are you laughing about? Hee Hee!”

Ah, this brings me back to the good old days, when I would sit around in homeroom chatting and tee-heeing with my barely legal, scantily clad Asian girlfriends, waiting for our equally young/underdressed teacher to come in and write on the board, excitedly choosing areas of study (“I want to play kickball!”) until the big, strong American came in to help us with our Engrish.

Sure, I admire Thane’s gift for the language, but this schtick is weird. Is this the Camus legacy? ‘Cause it gives me the creepy tingles.

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Noodle Stories

March 24th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Yes, it’s foul.

Eh, I’m pretty certain this clip is missing a very pervy act or two.

Absolutely, most people think that Japanese people are batshit crazy.

No, I don’t blame them. Did you watch the video?


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