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Party On With Hyphen This Weekend!

May 5th, 2011 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana


That’s right. Our favorite Bay Area mag is having a party in LA’s Chinatown on Saturday. And you know when Asians party, they PARTY. Get out your drinking goggles!!

If you live in the lovely City of Angels, come stalk special guests Jane Lui and Beau Sia with us. And if you don’t live here, umm…  just buy a plane ticket and rage with yer peeps.

Also slated to be there: Dawen, Sam Kang, Skim, A’Misa Chiu, Yumi Sukigawa, hot DJs, prizes, and my much-better-looking doppelganger, Hyphen publisher Lisa Lee!

So come one, come all, just come! Oh, and it’s 21+ (Sorry, kids. Borrow your sister’s ID!).

[Hyphen: Our Bittersweet Issue Teaser Party in L.A.]

Thanks, Lisa and Sandy!

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ROCK OF ASIAN: New Year, New Jane Lui Rekkid!

January 5th, 2011 | 7 comments | Posted by Diana

Y’all how much we love ourselves some Jane Lui. And since the moment she began fundraising for her third record, we’ve been slobbering, aching, begging to hear her sweet voice singing some sleek new tunes.

Well, that moment is finally here! Lui’s self-released third and full-length LP, Goodnight Company, arrived just before the holidays and is basically the only thing I’ve listened to for two weeks. [You too can join in the fun by downloading the album off of her site for (!!!) for free.]

It’s only fitting that Goodnight Company should arrive just as the world rounds the corner into a new year and possibility-filled decade, as it reflects a fresh start, new chapter and tonal shift for the seasoned singer/songwriter. Lui has frequently lent her silky voice to moody ballads and soft, acoustic confessions, but she’s clearly transitioned into a more womanly self–one with a spark to her step, one with gutsy grit, one with little fear of her offbeat and unexpected sexiness.

“Jailcard” is the album’s first single, if you will, or certainly the most likely candidate for the role (see the official music video, and her funky smooves, above). The track showcases Lui’s finest qualities, notably refined–sophisticated lyrics, sultry technique, an impressive vocal range–enhanced with an infectious dance beat and and undeniable lightness.

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Give Jane Lui Some Money, Honey

February 17th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

Things are looking good for Jane Lui. After a whirlwind 2009 (Thank you, YouTube!), the mistress of melancholy has  herself a good therapist, a fresh look on life, and a new sound she’s ready to play with. That’s right, play. Our girl’s in a good place right now and she wants to share!

Says Lui:

“I’m learning daily as I go, and have found a new side to my songwriting/soundscaping that’s nudging me in my sleep. So, for the New Record, I want to follow wherever this feeling is taking me, and bring something bright and shiny to the table.

But after self-funding two solo albums in 2005 and 2007 (both available at CD Baby), the indie singer/songwriter knows all too well how long it could take to save up for a new recording. Frankly, happiness can’t wait.

And so she is doing a 60-day fundraiser in pursuit of happiness. The goal: $12k to make the New Record a reality, an all-or-nothing effort in which no one is charged if the goal isn’t met. After a week, pledges have gotten her 27% of the way there. Can she go all…the..way? Can we help her?

After all, she does make a pretty good case:

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Goh Nakamura And The White on Rice Theme Song

September 16th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

When we have babies, we’re going to play them Goh Nakamura‘s music when they’re fussy. Because the Bay Area singer-songwriter’s voice is magic, a hazy brew of soothing, yearning, and melancholy. His songs are about love and life’s little moments, or, as he puts it, “parking tickets, impossible crushes and faraway dreamlands.” And he performs gorgeous duets with ROA cutie Jane Lui. You’ve gotta respect his clever lyrics, too, because how many songwriters are there, really, who can rhyme with “Fibonacci sequence,” as Goh does in the theme song he wrote for White on Rice?

Goh and friends are coming to a city near you this month and next. Click here for dates.

[Goh Nakamura official website]
[White on Rice movie website]

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May 6th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

We basically love everything about the Hong Kong-born, California-raised Jane Lui. There’s that sweet, naturally pretty face of hers, coupled with her skinny frame and goofy-adorable aesthetic. And there’s her very familiar immigrant story and too-cute happy energy. But above all things, we love the strong, smoky, sensual voice that emanates from somewhere within the tiny person: a power tool that comes unexpectedly from its host.

Since discovering Lui’s greatness, we’ ve combed through her official site, stalked her on MySpace and Facebook, followed her on Twitter, and subscribed to her YouTube channel–uh, call us superfans (or creeps). What we really can’t seem to get enough of, though, is this collaboration with YouTube star SingingDork888, a cover of The Turtles’ classic “Happy Together” that gives us all kind of sweetheart tingles:

It makes us sigh, like black-and-white pictures of our parents when they were skinny, young, and smiling.

SoCal residents, catch some live Jane Lui action with DISGRASIAN favorites Kina Grannis and David Choi this month (May 14th at 6pm) at the UC Riverside campus Bell Tower. We’re gonna try and be cool in the back, but it’ll be hard.

[Jane Lui - Official site]
[MySpace Music: Jane Lui]

Thanks, Meena!

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