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January 22nd, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

Hak-Shing William Tam, secretary of the Christian Evangelical Group called American Return to God Prayer Movement and official California Prop 8 Backer, testified as a hostile witness yesterday in the lawsuit to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage.

Hak-Shing William Tam

In a piece published today on the galvanizasian of Bay Area Chinese evangelicals in opposition to same-sex marriage, the NYT discussed Tam’s testimony,which was solicited by plaintiff’s attorneys to prove the success in passing Prop 8 was “born of virulent homophobia.” Though Tam refused multiple requests for an interview, the Times highlighted a selection from one of his widely-distributed Web essays, which basically argues that “acceptance” of homosexuality kicks off multiple slippery slopes to mass destruction.

From NYT:

In a macro environment in which homosexuality is gradually accepted as being normal, child molesting by gays is gradually being viewed as normal in academia. Children who were subjected to sexual abuse only know to socialize with other men through sex. When they grow up, they would do the same to other children by molesting children of the same sex. Therefore, gay people grow in numbers even as most of them do not have children of their own.”

On the stand, his tone did not waver. HuffPo commented on some of his testimony:

Continue reading DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Hak-Shing William Tam

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Whitten Up

October 26th, 2009 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

Larry Whitten, a Texan and former marine in his sixties, purchased a failing hotel in Taos, New Mexico, and revamped it as the Whitten Inn.

Trouble in Taos

Whitten and his "whitened" Inn. Just talk American, why dontcha!

Quickly, he showed the staff there was a new sheriff in town. And this new sheriff was looking at his largely Latino staff as too spicy for future clientele. Soon, orders for employees to Anglicize their names (from “Marcos” to “Mark,” for example) were enforced. These were joined by demands to only speak English, a measure meant to prevent staff members for talking shit about Whitten behind his back. And those who did not respond well to these new rules were fired.

Whitten’s reasoning for altering just “ethnic” first names? From AP:

“I’m not doing it for any reason other than for the satisfaction of my guests, because people calling from all over America don’t know the Spanish accents or the Spanish culture or Spanish anything.”

Oh, of course! Because a tourist headed to TAOS, NEW MEXICO–which was established in the 18th century by Spaniards and currently boasts a Hispanic/Latino population of over 54%–should most certainly expect an experience free of all things Spanish, including names/accents/culture/architecture/blood in every inch of soil! Why should they have to deal with that shit? Especially when they’re forking out a cool $49 for their luxury suite??

In reaction, the people of Taos have quickly protested, picketed, and publicly slammed Whitten in the media, calling him an ignorant racist. I applaud ‘em, by golly, but think it could be even simpler than that.

Whitten may or may not be racist, but for absolute certain: he is a REALLY DUMB FUCK, and moreover, a BAD BUSINESSMAN.

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Coult Sore

March 12th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Michael Steele, new head of the Republican party, occasionally makes a thoughtful point. And he occasionally unloads a whole unnecessary pile of disgrace, like:

“Ann Coulter is one of the best bomb-throwers in the business. She is the Carville of the Republican Party, although I think she’s probably a little bit better at it at times.”

As dismayed as I am to hear Coulter described as “better” or “best” in any context, my real beef is with Steele’s comparison of that demon lady to the illustrious Carville–whose political rants, love of O Ban, and almond eyes have always made me feel like we are soul brothas. Sure, Carville is a hothead with a hot mouth, but he in no way deserves to be so much as mentioned in the same sentence as that filthy, oblong-faced, gangly, hideous, ignorant waste of flesh.

Ann Coulter is the Ann Coulter of the Republican party: A cooze, a floozy, and a disgrace.


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When Chink-Eyes Collide

February 9th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen
Miley Cyrus and her new posse at the Grammys gifting lounge

MILEY: Guys, I’m so glad you’re here tonight. It means so much to me. It’s times like these when you really need good friends around you who know your heart. I’m so glad I can count on y’all.

GUY IN THE TIE: Dude, what? You paid us $100 to be in the picture.

MILEY: Just remember–no goofy faces, okay?

GUY WITH THE GOATEE: Like what do you mean?

MILEY: I mean, keep your eyes open real wide. Don’t, like, squint or laugh too hard or look like you’re sleepy. Do your eyes like (pointing to the LADY IN THE STRIPEY DRESS)…like her.

LADY IN THE STRIPEY DRESS: What do you mean “do” your eyes like me? What am I doing with my eyes exactly?

MILEY: You’re making them really really big.


MILEY: Are too.

LADY IN THE STRIPEY DRESS: I’m not “doing” anything to them. This is how my eyes look.

MILEY: Hunh. That’s weird. I thought all of you had small eyes. You must use really great eye makeup.

LADY IN THE STRIPEY DRESS: Is that supposed to be some kind of joke?

GUY WITH THE GOATEE: Hey, Miley, do you think you could kick in a gift bag on top of the $100 bucks you gave us to pose in this picture? I’d love to take one home to my wife.

MILEY: Uh, I don’t know. I mean, this gift bag’s mine, and it has my favorite aromatherapy scented candle in it. And they’re kinda only giving these to celebrities.

LADY IN THE STRIPEY DRESS: While you’re at it, could I get your autograph for my daughter? God knows why she still likes you after this latest flap, but she does. Idiot kid.

MILEY: Guys, what’s with all the requests all of a sudden? I thought we were friends!

GUY WITH THE GLASSES: Don’t forget that we’re doing you the favor here. If you want us to pose in a picture with you so people will stop saying you’re racist, the least you could do is pony up a coupla gift bags. And a few autographs. In fact, what you should really be doing is kissing our yellow asses in the hopes that you haven’t completely alienated the world’s biggest consumer demo.

MILEY: You guys are being so mean! I was so not making fun of any ethnicity! I don’t even know what that word means! I’m only 16, gimme a break! I don’t know right from wrong from stupid! I thought you knew my heart!

GUY IN THE TIE: Wow is this pointless. There’s no reasoning with fools, I guess. (sighing) Just take the picture.


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October 17th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

I don’t understand how my parents–who are freakin’ GENIUSES–can’t operate their computers, cannot so much as comprehend that the Internet is not a “place,” and email is not a thing that you “go to.” They are voting Obama and could not even dream of joining Facebook to write that fact in their respective status updates. I’d call it their one flaw, but they’d probably disown me, so instead I’ll just say they’re perfect! (Respeck, Moms! Hi!)

How is that the case, yet the also-older, ignorant half-broken simple Asian minds behind Family Keepers, a Chinese god-fearin’ conservative group, somehow managed to drum enough half-wits to create a whole five minutes of web content in support of Proposition 8? HOW?

We’ll say it yet again: Prop 8 is a disgusting, insecure, unfair resolution to the problems held deep by an ignorant sub-population crippled by fear.

And let us add: Fucktarded propaganda and a completely invalid slippery-slope mentality…

First the gays, then Oedipus!
First the gays, then two butlers and a (gasp) Black man!?!

First the gays, then Billy Ray and Miley!!!!

…just make this weird, aggressive, discriminatory stance all the more offensive.

Maybe it’s not always a good thing when Asians get politically involved.

Feel free to tell them so:

Thanks, Jack!

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You Bet-cho

October 14th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

The other day, I received a cold call on my cell phone from Jim, a phone bank operator working with the campaign supporting Proposition 8, the fucktarded, bigoted backwards ban on gay marriage. He left a message asking me to support the fundamentals of “traditional marriage.”

After listening to his voicemail, I used the callback feature to hit him back on his cell phone.

“HI JIM,” I said. “This is Diana. You called me earlier regarding Prop 8?”

“Yes, I did! I want–”

I continued: “I don’t know how you got my fucking phone number, but I don’t ever want you to call me again. Whatever list my name is on, you need to fucking take it off right now. Your cause disgusts me. What you’re doing is not good. Prop 8 is a disgusting, insecure, unfair resolution to the problems held deep by an ignorant sub-population crippled by fear. It’s a fucking disgrace. You should do better with yourself. You’re wasting your time on bigotry and hatred, maybe you should spend some on getting educated. Or just fucking pick your ass all day. I don’t fucking care, you fucking asshole.”* [Click]

I have kept his phone number for future drunk dials. But I do wish I hadn’t lashed out with expletives, and perhaps reached across the gap to try and talk some reason into the stupid prick.

Our lady Margaret Cho–who clearly does better–has taken a much nicer, more-proactive approach to condemning Prop 8:

I suggest taking her advice and talk gently with your friends, family, and neighbors. And try not to use the word “fucking,” unless of course you’re saying something helpful like, “Fucking is fun for everybody, but don’t you think that sex is better for married couples? I think all gay and straight couples have the right to more fucking fun and good sex. Yeah! Can I get a woot woot? And a high-five! Now let’s go vote ‘No!’”

* This transcript is not 100% accurate. I’ve corrected grammar, aggrandized some words, and omitted some expletives to make myself sound smarter and more articulate. But this is half my gosh-darned blog, so I can do whatever the heck I want.

Source Source
Thanks, jRu!

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Tyra, Step It Up

November 20th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Uh, Tyra Banks has clearly not been reading our blog (Bitch!).

Why else would she center one of her talk show episodes around bisexuality, and invite Tila “Drive-Bi” Tequila to the set to elaborate on the finer details of loving both ladies and gents?

It’s hard enough for me to sit through five minutes of that little midget’s awful interview mannerisms: giggling like a chipmunk to punctuate her nonsensical answers, telling bad stories in her rudimentary urban vernacular, LYING about being bisexual, LYING about what it’s like to be in relationships with women, LYING about how she’s still “secretly” dating the winner (is the romance “like a movie” because they’re already in pre-production for A Shot At Love 2?). But I’m used to it, and frankly, her lack of star power makes me sad. She’s guaranteed to fade, and then who will I write about with such venom? I guess there’s always Masi Oka…

But what really gets my goat is that Miss Tyra has the nerve to act like she’s buying Tila’s bullshit. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Tyra is a den mother to outcasts, big girls, and ladies with fucked-up self-images. I can see her wanting to help Tila, not research “sex with men and women” by eating up Tila’s poorly made-up stories.

You wanna hear girl-girl dating stories? I can do it too, watch: When I get down with a girl, I’m all like, yo. She’s so soft. And she’s like strawberries, right? And I’m just like ohhhh, I want to buy you lesbian gifts and then take a bubble bath with you, right???

That actually wasn’t hard. Does anyone want to give me a reality show? I could use the money.

Thanks, jRu!

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A Video Riddle

August 13th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Q: What happens when ignorant jackass half-wits “do it” with pathetic, moronic fools?

A: They procreate. And those children are eventually cast on Big Brother. Witness:

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