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DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Dr. Li-Ann Thio, Visiting NYU Law Professor

July 10th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Dr. Li-Ann Thio hates gays.

In 2007, as a member of Singaporean Parliament, Dr. Thio argued against repealing a statute that criminalized gay sex. In her arguments, she said, “You cannot make a human wrong a human right” and “Diversity is not a license for perversity.” She also likened anal sex to “shoving a straw up your nose to drink.” Today, gay sex in Singapore is still illegal.

Dr. Li-Ann Thio is also a law professor, who has been invited to teach a course at NYU this fall in–don’t snort so hard that that straw falls out of your nose–HUMAN RIGHTS LAW. NYU has said that Dr. Thio will add a “valuable contribution” to intellectual campus life. And Dr. Thio defended her own hiring by saying:

I think certain Americans have to realise the fact that there are a diversity of views on the subject and it is not a settled matter; there is no universal norm and it is nothing short of moral imperialism to suggest there is.

Ahh, now we get it. We don’t have enough gay hate diversity of views in this country already, so we have to import it from Singapore. Thanks for the educasian, Dr. Thio!

Oh, and fuck you very much.

Watch Dr. Thio’s arguments before Parliament on YouTube where she asserts that legalizing gay sex will “subvert social morality, the common good, and undermine our liberties.”

[via Above the Law]

Thanks, Joyce!

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Gaysian = Fun

April 8th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Gay marriage is legal in Vermont!

Vermont joins Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Iowa–which legalized gay marriage last week–in recognizing same-sex unions. New Hampshire and Maine are apparently considering similar moves, and Washington D.C.’s City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the district. Even though equal marriage rights in our state of California are in bad shape right now, this is progress, people.

Of course, not everyone thinks so.

Over the weekend, we received an email from a reader–I should probably say “ex”-reader–who expressed his displeasure over our support of gay marriage.

Now, I could go into how gay marriage rights are civil rights, and banning gay marriage is discrimination, and how civil rights and discrimination affect us all, but most especially minorities and people of color, and, therefore, gay marriage has everything to do with Asian-American “perspectives,” but y’all, I’m just really hung up on one detail.

This poor soul clearly doesn’t know any Gaysians. Like Sulu. Or our hero Margaret Cho. Or the only funny character on Entourage (played by the openly gay Rex Lee). Or the always quietly divine B.D. Wong. Or Esera Tuaolo, who’s only the third former NFL player to come out and is working to defeat homophobia in professional sports. Or any of our countless friends who, orientasian aside, want what everyone else wants in life–to love and be loved.

And a life without Gaysians?

It’s so small. So sad. So pitiable.


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Gift of Gay

January 8th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Droves of Oprah’s God-fearing Christian viewers have taken to her show’s discussion board this week, in protest of statements made by her recent guest, Rev. Ed Bacon (see video above) during a spirituality episode, which included: “being gay is a gift from God, but our culture doesn’t understand that.”

Shocked and reeling from the statement, some members of her audience needed to be instantly consoled with the word of the Big Man Upstairs:

…while others consoled themselves by providing their own advice for the Big Woman on TV:

…and then some–like user “bigpreggo”–just changed the channel. And, of course, logged on moments later to the Oprah discussion board to drop an S-bomb:

I myself refuse on principle to have a username on the Oprah site, but if I did, I would probably write this:

“Being gay must be a gift from God. How else can you explain that being gay instantly raises the odds of somebody being impossibly good-looking or having a smoking-hot physique? Why do gay people often happen to be infinitely more interesting (and interested) than the average Joe (the plumber, et al.)? Why do gay peeps typically design such beautiful buildings and other assorted aesthetic creations, why do gays conjure up such meaningful love songs, why does the best produce always end up at gay Gelson’s markets? Why are the streets of West Hollywood so much cleaner and well-decorated than North Hollywood? Why does gaysian = fun? All I can say is, I thank God for his gay gifts and feel so gay that he made being gay so awesome.”

Source Source

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Lookin’ Bad, Tyrese

June 29th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana


You are a beautiful man. You are a bright, shiny, delicious present.

You are a total homophobic asshole.

I mean, I suppose I’ll just ignore the whole pregnant girlfriend-punching thing for right now (a separate post altogether), but word on the street is that while peddling that suckfest Transformers (Seriously? I’m supposed to take this movie seriously?) you recently confirmed that men are banned from your “Shirts Off” collaborasian concert tour with Ginuine and Tank. This only 6 months after you allegedly got all ragey onstage after a gay man caught and kept a shirt you, uh, threw off.

Dude, you sculpt the bod, tattoo the belly button, sing and writhe on stage with two other fine men and don’t expect some male love? Girl, please.

You’re a douche and I hate you,

P.S. KIT!!!
P.P.S. Don’t worry, I totally don’t think you’re a homo.


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