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ROCK OF ASIAN: Hayley Kiyoko, Star Of The Disney Channel’s Forthcoming “Lemonade Mouth”

January 12th, 2011 | 3 comments | Posted by Jen

Does the world need another high school musical? No. Yes? I dunno–it depends on how you feel about that sort of thing. But after Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up last month–or did they?–because “they just grew up,” and with Zac graduating to new man roles like his part in The Lucky One, for which he put on lots and lots of man-muscle in order to play a war veteran with a manly albeit curious Southern accentGet it people? Zac Efron is a man, now, okay?–something must be done to fill this terrible, awful void. Plus, high school musicals move nail polish units, apparently.

Enter Lemonade Mouth, brought to you by Disney Channel Original Movies–producers of HSM–the plot of which sounds something like The Breakfast Club meets School of Rock for the Belieber set. In other words, it will be awful! And, in other words, I will be watching it late at night on my DVR when I can’t sleep and am particularly vulnerable to bad TV starring teens with impossibly good skin who will make me feel only more wretched and old than I already do!

I will also be watching Lemonade Mouth for Hayley Kiyoko (pictured, center), who plays one of the lead misfits. Because the 19 year-old of Japanese descent is crazy talented. She plays the drums, keys, guitar, and writes her own music. I’m particularly partial to the song “Lungs” on her MySpace (listen here). She’s also in a girl group called The Stunners who opened for the Biebs last summer, not that you care (I mean, I don’t). And she’s so pretty in a tomboyish way-Hayley played Velma in both Cartoon Network Scooby Doo movies–she kind of demands your attention. Added bonus: she’s goofy as hell, as witnessed by this YouTube video she made last summer, when she and girl-groupmate Lauren Hudson, who’s also Asian, got stuck in the back of their tour van:

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High School Musical Goes InternAsianal

August 24th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Jen and I (like tens of millions of tweens worldwide) were huge fans of Disney’s first High School Musical. Hell, we’re suckers for cheesy storylines and teen romance and musical numbers–plus we’re both convinced that with it’s cheery messaging about individuality (“It’s okay for guys be finely groomed and love to dance!” and “It’s okay to love to cook!” and “It’s ok to play tennis and the cello!”)– it operates as a de facto plea for kids to embrace their inner gay. And as you probably know, we would be a billion times happier if everyone in the world was gay, so it goes without saying that we’re big cheerleaders of the sing-songy TV flick.

All of the Musical kids are currently riding the buzz wave of the aptly-titled High School Musical 2, and while every person I know is creepily slobbering over the abs of 18-year old Zac Efron (daintily singing below)…

…I am for more interested in the greater impact of the movie’s tunes. In fact, the song above was actually dubbed in Mandarin for the Chinese version, and a new music video generated to go with:

Looks like the messaging is still right-on! I love it! I love it!

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Now This is What I Call a "High School Musical"

June 7th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen
scene from Dasepo Naughty Girls and, yep, that’s a cyclops

The New York Asian Film Festival runs from June 22-July 8 on the other coast. Most of the films are new and unseen in the U.S. and will be screened at the IFC Center and Japan Society. For ticket information, go to I’m dying to see Dasepo Naughty Girls by Korean director E. J-Yong. Its synopsis?

Based on a hugely popular webcomic, this musical (!) about Dasepo (“Useless”) High School, revolves around the plight of Poor Girl (KIM Ok-bin), a new student who has poverty, literally, hanging off her back. She’s in love with “the transfer student from Switzerland” Anthony (PARK Jin-woo), but he’s in love with Double Eyes, the sister of One Eye (LEE Kyun), the class cyclops. One problem: Double Eyes is actually a boy. Another problem: a cult is abducting students and forcing them to dirty dance for the Erotic Goddess. Third Problem: the headmaster is hypnotizing students and installing an “Instant Virgin Chip” that turns them into church-going nerds. For the kids of Dasepo High, who are constantly ducking out of class to hit the VD clinic or meet a customer, this is the ultimate insult. Who will save these perverted pupils from being transformed into model students?

Not convinced? Watch the film’s batshit-keyrazy trailer.

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