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Let’s Get Non-Rowdy

May 28th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

We’re not surprised that writer Cintra Wilson, shopping for the NY Times Style section last week, felt out of place during her visit to Derek Lam‘s flagship house of luxe on Crosby Street in NYC’s SoHo. After all, let’s be honest. Few would.

But we’ve been struggling for days to figure out why Wilson, while characterizing Lam’s high-cotton world (and rather resentfully so), also took this sideways potshot at his “Eastern” demographic:

“Mr. Lam’s flagship is his version of that genteel world where the rich are still as spoiled and sheltered as they ever were; his customer is a precious orchid, lovingly tended and exhibited under his enormous acrylic bell.

This recipe for femininity looks, to me, as if it is aimed toward a stereotypical Hong Kong billionaire’s wife. The clothes evoke a demure, under-control, decidedly non-rowdy (read: non-Western) type of woman who appreciates her role as an ornament of great value, and sits prettily and quietly in Gulfstream jets.”

Funnily enough, Jen and I are actually quite familiar with a Hong Kong billionaire woman or two. And let me tell y’all, those bitchez iz crazay! They’re not demure, nor under-control, nor “decidedly non-rowdy” (gosh, the more I think about it, the more Wilson’s description seems fitting of Kate Gosselin).

…So does that make them, um, Western?

[NY Times: Critical Shopper - Luxury in a Bell Jar]

Thanks, Livia!

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Stuff White People Like: Not White People

October 16th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Daily Intel reported Wednesday on a deadly disease spreading in this country that is as difficult-to-treat as MRSA: White People Fatigue (niveus populus fatigo, or WPF). It was described by performance artist Danny Hoch as:

“…a whole lot of white folks on the left – liberals, Democrats if you will – that have this fatigue about not wanting to do the work necessary to figure out their own place, and their own role in the scheme of things.”

Fortunately, we haven’t come down with WPF, although we have suffered in the past from an offshoot strain, called White People Fatigue-Fatigue (WPFF), which could be described as:

“…having this fatigue about always having to figure out our own place and our own role in the scheme of things while observing white people who don’t and are, on top of that privilege, drippy, listless, bored, feckless, glib, and prone to making middle-of-the-road choices, whether it’s getting all of their political opinions from NPR or embracing subpar music genres like shoegaze and freak folk or mistaking disaffection and earnestness for thinking and feeling.”

Thanks, Jasmine!

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